Friday Roundup

Some interesting items from our friends and one from the NY Sun:

  • Thoreau over at Unqualified Offerings notes that the regime’s new Executive Order directs freezing the assets of anyone undermining U.S. efforts in Iraq. Worth keeping in mind given the precise wording in Neocon and Cheney protoge Eric Edelman’s letter (Undersecretary For Policy — Feith’s old job) to Clinton, accusing her of aiding and abetting the enemy. . .
  • William Lind reports from the Quantico John Boyd conference. As one of the fathers of the 4th Generation Warfare concept, Lind offers his insights of where things stand. What is the gap between what the American military thinks it knows about war and what war truly is in the 21st century? Read him.
  • David Brin has a terrific musing about strangeness, the linkage between physics and science fiction (such as the much celebrated multiverse), etc. David’s site is always worth checking in on as his interests and insights range from the creative to hard hitting political-libertarian-leaning analysis.
  • Wolcott has a wonderful short item about the weirdness that is Mitt Romney. Perhaps it is just the Stiftung, but none of our contacts and former colleagues in Republican/Movement circles can stand TEAM MITT. As Wolcott observed earlier, Mitt is even more dangerous than Dubya as he is as vacant and ignorant but a far more astute manipulator and salesman.
  • DefenceTech cites an item noting that the recent F-16 crashes in Iraq apparently are shoot downs by enemy combatants using MANPAD missiles hitting the F-16s on takeoff. (Much like Mustangs used to take down Me-262s on landing). Naturally, you will likely never hear of this in the Tweetysphere ™.
  • It’s a shame that the media is focusing on the wives and husbands and not on what is said by candidates, such as Edwards’ comment that Bush is clearly “delusional”. Edwards lost our confidence when he caved to a TV Catholic blowhard and bigot re Amanda so his campaign is beside the point. Heretik points out the absurdity here, with Rich Lowry as Court Scribe in Bizzaro Universe.
  • Pandragon among other great things, like the video of O’Really interrogating MissNewJersey about his fantasy of her photos, has a link to Bansky’s Flickr account — as they say, if you are into that sort of thing.
  • Seth Lipsky at the New York Sun waxes nostalgic on Conrad Black and his martyrdom . . .

    It was Black who proposed expanding the Sun from the six-page broadsheet that Ira and I originally proposed. He urged a paper with at least 16 pages, including sports and business, that could be what he called a “stand alone” paper and a “primary read.” He wanted us to capture not only the serious news but the culture, the fun, and the fizz of New York. He was not the only one of our financial backers who made brilliant editorial suggestions. But he was early in articulating our vision, and as we steered for it, our prospects turned for the better.

    When the controversy that would bring him down was first surfacing in the news, a number of people, including some total strangers, approached me and said, “What are we going to do about the Jerusalem Post?” It is an important paper, but I always asked: “What about the Telegraph?” Under Black’s proprietorship, the greatest of the London broadsheets stood off the coast of Europe like a vast fleet defending freedom and security for Britain, America, and Israel, against a gathering list of enemies. In my view, the right move was a fight to keep Black’s empire intact and him at the helm.


    Did we miss anything? Let us know.

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