Gnats On The Treadmill

Causality loops are rarely entertaining. We can all recall a variety without much trouble, of course. The most famous are of the closed loop sort. You know, something must have actually have happened in the past for a future person or event to recognize and change the past.

Then there are the more entertaining kinds. Here, a future persona wants to reach back and change what was to create a new future, and risk an entirely fresh and different future *now*. Skynet was one of these bad boys.


Believe it or not, we see Annapolis and Cher Condi’s empty dance as another feeble attempt to break into an existing causality loop. It’s particularly noteworthy because (a) she’s clueless about the temporal mechanics involved; (b) U.S. power and prestige are at historic lows; (c) Olmert has shown no willingness to risk political damage at home; (d) and so on. It can really have only one outcome.

For months self-interested institutions and people have been fluffing this conference with astonishing gusto. A couple of invites to gabfests had so many “formers” listed we thought at least 1/2 had already passed. Same with TV — the mere menition of the syllables “A NA PA” and we’re on another channel.

Those who flew to the U.S. for the event naturally have a greater investment: communiques, pictures, and it may be the last time to see if a quarter really can be bounced off Cher Condi’s backside per the recent biography. Nikolas Gvodsev sees progress here. Why Gvodsev is surprised to see the racial/militarist origins of Jabotinsky, BETAR, Irgun, Likud and now Kadima express itself via Olmert? Musings on that perhaps away another day.

We do, however, suspect Nikolas may have also liked “Matrix Reloaded”. It’s just a guess.