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The Telegraphs’ “50 Most Influential Pundits”.

And regarding Wright’s performance art at the National Press Club today, one can only imagine the Crown Prince as he punches a soft pillow under 700 thread count sheets on the road and declares in soft but lofty voice, “You’re not helping . . .”

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  1. Comment says

    That muckraked article was interesting – But Doc, isn’t that small potatoes compared to what employees of that same company was alleged to have done in the Balkans?

  2. Anon says

    We hastem to add that we agree with much of what Williams says – But we think he is himself a news lightweight and we doubt his wisdom re La Noonan.

    It’s all commerce – Mere Commerce – when the Times reports some disaster the news index usually shows more people are interested in their stories about getting into private schools or baby yoga or new cell phone designs /

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    Any doubts we had about our analyisis of the the Wright effect are allayed by looking at pundits like Derb and others whine about conspriracy theories running rampant in the black community. Surprise surprise – Derb can hang his head in shame, because his side lost its purchase on that issue over the Iraq war and the intentional spreading on conspiracy theories by by the Bush admin via Stephen Hayes and others. Up to 80 percent of Bush’s vote in 2005 through Sadddam was involved in 9/11 – Thus, the Commander in Chief fundamentally misleads about the enemy and the media colludes. Now we are supposed to be sticklers for the truth.

    This is hypocracy – similar to the winking ar Abu Mazen’s Holocaust denial, then hyping a lesser form of it from the Iranian guy.

    Yes we notice Andrew Sulliven in panic, as was Tweety etc. Ridiculous. If Wright is attack Obama, as they seem to say – them it cancels out the supposedly linkage.

    Tavis Smily has been railing against Obama for months because Obama saw political advantage in skiping one of his confabs – These people get offended because they have egos . Same with Wright.

    In a perfect world, we should be discussing Wolfowitz dodging subpoenas instead.

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    We see Jimmy Carter is pitching his book – “A Remarkable Mother.” We plan to read it once we finish Barbara Bush’s book of erotic poems

  5. Comment says

    The sellling of the war had many hands – the media was complicit. That NYT story about the retired Generals is just a small part of the story. It’s still amazing, if not surprising , that the heat has not turned up on the creators of the debacle. It’s really sad – watching Senor up there today whining about the difficult naigborhood of Iraq and Karzai etc etc etc.

  6. Comment says

    re Pundits = we see Feith is one of the pundits up there at Hudson today. Isn’t it interesting that the media sees fit to air the one greivance agains Feith that is false – Namely, Feith supposedly being the stupidist guy on earth, according to Gen Franks. It’s precisely because Feith is not stupid (and is probably smarter than Franks) that this dumb criticism gets lots of play. By Feith is less than honest and may have behaved illegally. He is certainly no worthy of respect and should not be honored by a university. Watching him and the disgusting Lupus Maximus try to wiggle away from their own responsibility and their own crimes. Part of the reason the media focuses on Wright is because they know confronting these true criminals poses a dilemma for them.

  7. Comment says

    Speaking of pundits – who the **** does Dan Senor think he is to lecture Americans that they have to stay in Iraq. Why is he not discredited by his own recent actions?

    We may be wrong, but we think America will reject these people speaking at Hudson today. Wolfowitz? He should be on trial for war crimes and lying to Congress.. Powell? Come on. Oh – and Ashcroft was just not the dissenter he made himself out to be re torture.

    No – they are the problem. Not some preacher.

  8. Comment says

    Wright is a net positive for Obama. At least he has not been a negative if you look at the numbers. It would be far different if Obama shared Wright’s views, but since he is so different on so many issues, it matters little. Is there some guilt by association? Yes, but there is no proof that that exists outside people who were voting against Obama anyway. Wright is freaking out The Corner and the panicky Tweetys etc. But will it prevent Obama from getting the nomination? No. Will it devastate Hillary’s chance – Yes. HRC has become a ‘white candidate.’ Her erosion of support among blacks is far more damaging to her than any potential damage Barack sustains among non racist swing voters.

    Wright is like the “Hyperspace” button on the old “Asteroids” game – He wipes out so many more damaging story lines against Obama, he exposes HRC hypocracy, and draws out McCain into a flip flop of limited value.

    We have always thought Barack had an uphill climb – especially if he did not win the first 3 contests. But if he loses to Hillary, it won’t be because Wright. Rather, Wright has so flummoxed and confounded the MSM – what Lord Black called the ‘bourgois media’ – that they miss the real story – Namely, a black man , well left of the so-called center, with limited traditional experiece (but better exp and judgement, imo), is pretty close to winning it.

  9. says

    Entirely irrelevant what the public thinks. It is the Bilderbergers who make the decisions, not us. Who gets elected, who gets invaded, what significant legislation gets passed, what stories are carried by media, what stories are NOT carried by media.

    What are the odds that out of the entire electorate of America, that difference between left & right is a tiny few thousand voters?
    Posted by Eye in the Sky on April 28, 2008 4:13 PM

    The comments.

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