God, Can You Hear Us From Here?

While Obama claims he will be supremely competent to be President, many think of Jimmy Carter. Although the Peanut Farmer was a governor *and* a disciple/survivor of Hyman Rickover. Meanwhile, the Kool Aid Kids and Talk Radio are claiming that Obama is the new Robert Kennedy. That’s more absurd than Team Mitt’s explanations over his conservative credentials.

Bobby Kennedy, first and foremost, was a mean, lean fighting machine capable of going into a knife fight with a spork and leaving nothing but detritus behind. This was BEFORE he became attorney general or senator from NY. To compare Obama’s lightweight whiff of I’m-Not-Hillary-Eau-De-Cologne to Bobby Kennedy proves America indeed remains a child-like Nation.

We have always admired the netroots and stand by them as the few who held the line during the Dark Time. They’re right. Truly a change is needed in the most fundamental way. We just don’t think a kid with one year of federal, non-executive experience, a few as a state senator and the a year running a law review is gonna cut it. That’s not carrying water for any other candidate, just a recognition that the Imperial City eats up brash, eager “change agents” for lunch. Obama had not demonstrated the will, toughness and even basic understanding of where all the bodies are.

And if you think about it, the worst possible outcome is for a campaign of change and hope beginning to govern and then get torn to shreds in short order — by both parties, the permanent bureaucracy and the Warlord’s stay behinds. Complete undercutting. Now can’t you see Pat Buchanan saying the funeral rites with his hand chopping motions?

‘Nuff said.