1. Anon says

    Liberals would have a tough time capitalizing on the rights change of mood re France – They cannot sincerly be anti French the way the movement rabble was. Also – the right wing movement types are very good at this emotional political shifts because they operate in the reactionary sphere – They can be against Clinton the redneck, then they can be for Dubya the redneck against Clinton the snob. Now they can extol sexy Carla Bruni and Sarko and praise the Macht chained fist of the DST.

  2. Anon says

    We found this amusing – It was only a matter of time. We would often hear the sloppy Francophobes on the right – Jonah and the ignoramuses at NRO, the radio blowhard etc whine about the frogs and freedom fries. If they only knew a bit more about France’s over-the-top civil liberty ignoring system, they’d like it. Now they are having a second look – what with Sarko and all ….

  3. says

    Call it the Incredible Shrinking President: the greater the executive power the lesser the executive (and those aspire to it). Perhaps W’s moral and intellectual inadequacy for the historically powerfully presidency he inhabits is, ultimately, no accident. Maybe even an inevitability.

  4. inquire says

    “”The other category is someone who people instantly say, the second they see that announcement, I get it, that person could be president tomorrow. Condi Rice is an option.””

    McCain’s campaign is stillborn. Condi would have a better chance of being veep running on the Nader ticket.

  5. Comment says

    The case for Matthews is that he is supposed to know a lot about politics – But we doubt that – Almost all of his advice to Obama or others is stupid and, if followed, would lead to defeat. Some of his advice – like his speech recommendations are ludicrous – comically unerudite slop.

  6. Comment says

    re: Gen Odom says $250,000 for a 100 sq hot kilometers – That’s pretty expensive – even Elliot S. would balk at that kind of pricetage.

    McCain is totally getting away with his demagoguery on the war.

  7. Comment says

    Tweety just compared St. McCain to Jimmy Stewart. Anyway ..

    We doubt Senor’s sincerity here because he is smart and knows that Condi would not wear well with the GOP base and would pretty much guarantee more support for a conservative third party ind run.

    The fact that it will go nowhere will mean that Senor will gain points in pundit land for a scoop of sorts – Pretending to take it seriously – but without the downside of any eventuality.

  8. Creeping Coin says

    Rice as VP would be a lot better than Cheney coming back for a third term. Rice is merely incompetent rather than malevolent.

  9. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Good point, all the more disappointing to hear yet another firm denial by State spokespeople. One should never underestimate Dan Senor’s capacity for getting things woefully wrong.

  10. DBake says

    It’d be a return to the superfluous, non-entity VP, which is closer to constitutional intent than we’ve had of late.

  11. sglover says

    It’s perfect! They deserve each other. They really do. Think they can snag Wolfowitz for State or the Pentagon?

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