Good Finish

Thanks to Jon Stewart, some of the dying/hurting First Responders and their families finally gain more than deserved assistance. We think of all the various issues before Congress this one affected us the most. We know we’ll cherish remembering who made it happen and promise not to forget who turned their backs until the very last, living down to their soul’s smallest measure.

The START Treaty? Dear Readers, you predicted he would get it – oh wait. Almost two thirds of us are surprised. Nicely done.

We just remember ‘The Perfect Storm’. Clooney’s battered fishing boat seeks to flee hurricane-driven, towering waves. The boat, breaking but not quite broken, suddenly emerges from man-killing weather to sunshine and tranquility. The crew celebrate. Only then does Clooney begin to realize they didn’t cut through the weather after all. They were in the eye. And it was all there waiting again on the other side.