Good Times, Good Times

We thought it time to share again friends’ interesting doings around the blogosphere. Usually, we don’t point our merry band over to mammoth 100,000 hit sites (unless it is for amusement or ridicule, two of our favorite pastimes). What’s the point? Instead, you may not have seen these:

Over at Positive Liberty they remind us about their radio show on Sundays (that’s tomorrow, people). The blog is elegantly written, thought provoking and almost always shows substantive immersion. Sometimes beyond the Jack Balkin gang. We know. Substance in the blogosphere? Get out. (They probably would *NOT* put on something silly like ‘Spilled Bong Water’ – so your Sunday should be safe). Herewith the details:

“It’s a Positive Liberty salute! For those that do not know, I have a Sunday afternoon radio show. “The Downsize DC Conference Call” is only an hour long, starting at 4:06 PM Eastern (3:06 PM Central, 2:06 PM Mountain, and 1:06 PM Pacific).

Jason Kuznicki and Jon Rowe are my guests this Sunday. You’ve read their brilliance, now you’ll get to hear it! The show is on a couple of stations, but the best way to catch it, really is online at If you want to call with a question, the number is 1-800-259-9231. The email address will be given out at the start of the show.”

(Now you know, too).


Alex reminds everyone at Yorkshire Ranter to make sure to get the latest beta version of the new “Stupid Filter”. It is all part of the new cult of “GTD” — you’ve probably seen the acronym everywhere: “getting things done”. We’re all buried with data, passwords, colleagues asking questions. So it’s the perfect solution.

Warning: If you have Windows Vista it may just fry your PC. Because. (Don’t get upset, however, just gaze upon this gem from “Steve Job’s Diary” (via jhn brssndn).


Long time readers know Dennis from Untethered for his prose and wit – there and here. He offers readers his own unique version of Ivan and Alyosha’s dialogue. (We won’t spoil the Rodney moment).


We like reading the punchy and cut the waffle General Welfare blog. As you can see here, however, we differ on the subject of Senator Obama. Perhaps GW is more confident about Obama (or less cynical?). Either way, GW wears its convictions and passions openly and without apology.


And finally, what The Heretik says. We mean, really.