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    We erred – Tweety is not the host. But that was what CNBC had announced earlier – It’s actually Carolyn Washburn – running a subdued PBS format. Barack wins, to the extent someone wins. Because nothing happened.

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    Dems are stupid to let him run the debate – he runs a jihad against whoever the Dem nominee is because of culture war panic in his soul – Better to let Brit run the debate, with Kristol – and play of the bias, discounted by competitve news outlets. Or else better to have a sensible PBS-type woman ask chin scratch questions.
    Matthews only wants to set upp predicates for future horse race narrative crap –

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    Tweety is hosting the Dem debate today – sample question: “Betty Grable said prayers in school and the GIs from the greatest generation, as my colleague Tom Browkaw notes, used to fantasize about her pinup, while they defeated the Nazis – unlike Jon Stewart, so why do want to go and fund abortion, with that in mind?”

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    Did you happen to catch Tweety this morning or last night? He was offering his theories as to why Barack is moving up against the hated HRC – It turns out his theory just happens to dovetail with the ‘recipe of sadness’ meme that Stewart started – The crux of his theory rests on his own unhappiness and insecurity – HRC makes him unhappy and insecure. HRC thinks she is better and smarter than him (which is who is really referring to when he says people). HRC does think she is better and smarter than him – no doubt about that.

  5. A Random Quote Note says

    That Frank Rich quote above should not have a question mark. Btw – forgive us, but we thin Frank Rich is a menace to the opposition. Snobby and wrong – one good column every other month – maybe.

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    Tweety is still flogging that mili-second “evil men” joke-aside that Hillary made a half a year ago – The one that Buchanan regarded as a mild amusing momentary thing. Obviously Matthews reacts to that and some other Hillary things like a Manchurian candidate – maybe the sly flip way she said “evil men” brought back a flashback to Tweety being told to go to hell in a condescending way by some woman from a top school, back when he was burping up his beers and bragging about skipping Nam and being an unconvincing protester.

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    That Wizard of Oz quote from Dowd is so bad, it qualifies as “Bad” in the Paul Fussell sociological sense – We used to mimic her columns and we wrote a few of them and sent them around a few years ago and a number of people fell for it – But our fake Dowd columns were less over the top Dowdish than that one above.

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    So true – We gather those quotes above were before her Pulitzer, but whatever. Just incredibly bad stuff. Tweety thinks she is the cat’s meow. Together, their success is such a powerful anecdote that it blows away the whole IQ determinist crowd

  9. A Random Quote says

    “A few months ago, Donald Devine, a vice chairman, of the American Conservative Union, publicly apologized to Mr. Bush after it was reported that in disgust at the war he had failed to applaud a presidential speech.”
    ~David D. Kirkpatrick
    NY Times 11-7-04

  10. A Random Quote says

    “Instead of the New Frontier, Karl and W. offer the New Backtier.”
    ~Maureen Dowd
    NY Times 11-7-04

  11. A Random Quote says

    ” Just how much did Karl Rove hate not being one of the cool guys in high school in the 60s? Enough to hatch schemes to marshal the forces of darkness to take over the country?
    Oh Yeah.”
    ~Maureen Dowd
    NY Times 11-7-04

  12. A Random Quote says

    “The 21st century offers great promise, but also great risks … we need to be aware of the complexities and connections of the challanges we face …”
    ~Sen. Chuck Hegel
    US Inst. of Peace Sept, 2002

  13. A Random Quote says

    “It’s amazing that angry mobs don’t round up people like [Howard] Fineman and [Chris] Matthews and chop their heads off on general principle.”
    ~Matt Taibbi
    NY Press 11-2-04

  14. A Random Quote says

    “… Forgive me , Al Gore.
    I used to think you were striving too geekily to be Milennial Man. The Palm Pilot on your belt. The Blackberry. The Earth-cam you dreamed of. Citing “Futurama” as your favorite show. The obsessions about global warming and the information superhighway. Boldly choosing the first Jewish running mate.
    But now I’m going hungry for a shred of modernity. Bush II has reeled backward so fast, economically, environmentally, globally, culturally, it’s redolent of Dorothy clicking her way from the shimmering spires of Oz to a depressed black-and-white Kansas.
    With the guidence of his regents, the Duke of Halliburton and Cardinal Rumsfeld, W has set …”
    ~Maureen Dowd
    Spring, 2001
    (&@$#*&^!@ unintended)

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    If Black goes to Elgin AFB, there must be some symbolism running thru his mind connecting him to Lord Elgin somehow and and the Elgin marbles.

  16. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    Perhaps Andrea Mitchell would volunteer to test that theory given her years of overt service to this regime. Her “distance” really forced by self-survival after the 2006 elections.

    re Vick/Black, perhaps Conrad can as you suggested hold seminars on the Delaware Corporate code and start a ground swell of free market creativity.

  17. A Random Quote says

    “While these [waterboarding] may work … in a limited Jack Bauer context …”
    ~Andrea Mitchel
    Morning Joe

  18. Comment says

    Lord Black actually lucked out a bit with the sentence and the Elgin location – But he must be annoyed that Michael Vick got 23 months compared to his 78.

  19. Comment says

    Non seq – Tony Blankley on the radio the other day was mocking Romney’s speech – comparing his Shermanesque announcement that he would not renounce his Mormonism (something Comment found silly and waited for everyone to laugh) to Nixon’s refusal to return Checkers.

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    re above – In Matthews highly disrespectful and ignorant view – He uses Shia as his term for what he sees as too religious Republicans, whilst his preferred moderates – McCain or Rudy or Fred, are to be called Sunni.
    Leave aside the impolitic nature of this – It’s just another revelation into the mindset of someone who is just mysteriously influential. Iran, for all its problems, is a civilized nation – For Matthews to use the word Shia as a byword for radicalism would amuse many ordinary Iranian. Then look at the Saudi theocracy or the Egyptian thugocracy – or the Sunni radicals that blew up the trade center and fight for Qaeda. Amazing.

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    Rupe’s media properties are cracking with glee in the UK over Black’s incarceration – But it’s still back business pages in the the US. The Guardian et al get their requisite sneers in, but for some reason, this huge story is less important in stateside than Tweetys latest insight (He wonders who in the GOP will play Sunni to Huckabees the Shia – An amazingly asinine analysis even from him)

  22. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    I see that Oprah hasjust proclaimed Obama “The One” — I wonder if he can move in bullet time and fly. Does that Oprah the Oracle? And who then is Agent Smith?

  23. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    You get a primary! And you get a primary! And you get a primary ! And you get a primary! And you get a primary!

    (2 years later after the nation nearly collapses amid incompetence, weakness and pure rhetoric)

    How did I know he lied when he said he was the right man at the right time? I mean I assumed the Democratic Party vetted him first. My club just presents the candidates — we don’t research them. That’s up to the party.

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    No doubt about it – Oprah is huge. Maybe Franzen wishes he didn’t dis her book club.
    Media silence about Conrad Black is the US is interesting – Just a few years ago, Black mattered.

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    As an aside – we’re not sure how strong the Pygmie lobby is these days, but isn’t the title of this post a bit un-pc? LOL.

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    If we ever happen to have a chance to talk to Harmon – say after one of her lecture tours – we’ll have to bring up that Blazing Saddles factor and ask her when she began to really realize that torturing someone when they are locked down and helpless is not being “tough.”
    These people are all hypocrites in the bad sense – No sense of self-consciousness or ironic awareness. None of them seem to realize how stupid this makes State Dept. sound when the issue human rights reports condemning countries for torture, while leadership winks at it home.
    The Turks must be amused by all of this – This admin lobbied the Turks to ban torture and the death penalty, while reveling in both at home. The Syrians must wonder why the Admin alternates betweeen sending them people to torture, under the Scheuer travel plam, then seemingly changing their minds and condemning them for torture, then engaging in it themselves – for no apparent reason. Ofcourse personell who engage in the practice are fools too – since they know it does nothing but degrade them and they know they are expendable and they will be discarded when the time is right.
    Warlord and Cheney acted like crime syndicate bosses who are mindful to implicate local authorities – to dirty everyone up around them.
    The biggest joke is the technical language they all use – “techniques” – But as many have notice, Brit Hume no longer calls it “enhanced interrogation” since it was revealed recently that the Nazis actually used that precise euphemism – Now Brit changed it to “harsh” so the German term translation doesn’t work as well.
    Charles Krauthammer and his ticking time bomb excuse – LOL – pathetic.

  27. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    I used to be up in Harman’s office alot during this time frame. The desire to prove toughness and be part of the “War on Terror” huge. Interesting that Pelosi took Harman off as chair of HPSCI out of fear she would not be tough enough when Pelosi folded too.

  28. Comment says

    Opposition to waterboarding was not yet fashionable – and you can see that with Harmon’s toe in the water interogatory.

    If you happen to watch Blazing Saddles lately on AMC, you will see an example of shifting standard of acceptablilty.

    We recall watching it when it first came out on TV. We were quite young and we were disappointed that the TV people edited out the flatulance scenes, since we thought those were hilarious at that age. But now we notice that AMC feels comfortable airing that scene, but they scrub all the racist jokes even thought those jokes were aimed at the racists.
    So now they show the flatulance scene, but they edit language that uses the n-word even when it was important for the joke.

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