1. Tbilisi says

    @Dr Leo Strauss
    I have been looking but can’t actually see any realistic negatives from RP’s success, either in the primaries or even in the election. If he does well but doesn’t get the nomination, it will be if nothing else immensely enjoyable to watch the douchebags squirm. If he is somehow the candidate but doesn’t win, he will at least expose for all to see (even his supporters) Obama’s treachery against the American people re Gitmo, Patriot Act, Lobbyists, amoral pragmatic new politics, et al and force him to slow down the race off the cliff to at least 35 mph. And even if he does actually win, reality will intervene and force RP to choose which part of his Randian fantasy he wants to fulfill first. My read on him is that he’ll go after irrational imperial foreign policy and lobbyist money first and leave raping the poor and downtrodden until later. Although of course it’s also possible he does the reverse (which would of course be politically easier), which is the nightmare scenario – not breaking the broken system and further enslaving the average American. But my read on the social movement he’s built to support him is that there are enough lefty libertarians behind him that they would forestall this.

    What does the Stiftung think?

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Great stuff. RP drives almost everyone on the Right nuts. It is great to watch. A recent conversation with Santorum backers was filled with hand wringing about Paul and then exchanges of smug consolation that if Iowans are stupid enough to back him it just makes Iowa irrelevant for 2016.

    Remember Cheney’s “Sit down and shut up!” to RP supporters at CPAC? Why, it’s enough to make a multi-millionaire lobbyist candidate . . . cry!

  3. Comment says

    Amazing, I think I recall reading it when it started and it seemed like a tip sheet with some misinformation tossed in from time to time. Then again, when I see Ron Paul almost made a million dollars with his cheapjack scabby newsletters I just wonder.

  4. says

    LulzSec releases all of George’s subscribers — apparently over 800k. They had a nice old school ASCII graphic, too.

    Frankly didn’t know George’s marketing was *that* successful, even during Amerikuh Cowering In Fear And Terror for a decade. That’s not a shabby revenue flow.

    One might almost feel a bit chagrined knowing some of the ‘experts’ cranking out that stuff. Looking back on it all, we should have ditched this blog. Started some fear mongering kinetic kill thing. Gotten on the GSA Schedule and just milked it all — Might, Terror, Kill and the Baby Jesus.

    There’s a lesson, here, somewhere for all of us . . . oh wait. Don’t store client CC/CCV numbers in clear text in data fields next to addresses?

  5. Dr Leo Strauss says

    It can go both ways, perhaps. Otoh, an entity like a corporate law firm might subscribe to circulate for ‘here’s the gossip’ like they circulate “The Economist’ to in boxes, etc. Oto? Some mid level coder at a company subscribed and on George’s sign-up sheet fills out place of employment.

    The cable Usual Suspects are pushing that ‘Apple” and ‘the U.S. Armed Forces’ were subscribers. We’d bet it’s more like case 2 above.

    Still, as mentioned a while ago, George gets props in that he made it work. When he launched it at the time we thought (and probably blogged) this will pass. So gotta give him props for making it work, just like a certain blogger whose relentless self-promotion we thought would backfire.

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