1. Anon says

    Doktor – put this link in your “we’re all alike afterall ” file – What with the strong Euro bringing Euro tourists to NYC it’s only to be expected that Euro travelers wish to see the American Fat Man in his classic native garb of Homer Simpson t-shirt and sweats. They like to mill around city streets to get a photo of this picturesque classic American archetype.
    But many Americans are the same – when they go to Vietnam, they like to photograph classic Vietnamese.

  2. Comment says

    Watching David Brooks speak to swells at Hay-Adams – he praises HRC for basically being a “serious person.” He then went on in this vain describing who was “serious” and who was not. He must have used the word “serious” at least twenty times in less than five minutes.
    This was all very immature status games – Brooks had divided candidates into levels of coolness based purely on electoral chances and perceived willingness to bomb foreigners..

    These neocons are overrated intellectually – Not all of them, but many are. It’s so easy to immitate them and mock them. Serious. Waterboarding. Bell Curves. They have so few hobby horses outside the Middle East.

  3. A Random Quote says

    “My daughter’s favorite columnist.”
    ~David Ignatius 10-9-07
    (Introducing David Brooks)

  4. Hunter says

    via Gibson’s blog:

    Outsourcing the art could increase the Doktor’s productivity severalfold with only a slight decrease in quality… therefore the market has spoken and it must be done (I miss Colbert)

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