How Does Slate Stay In Business?

Publishing such superficial fluff as this ‘Iron Man’ ( Shell Head to his fans). Not only does the twit miss the whole point entirely of comic books (the Stiftung used to have those early Iron Man comics, btw, when they came out), the idiot also omits the impact of Tony Stark being the flawed, alcoholic hero, etc.

You Will Be Hypnotized Into False Consciousness

Comparing Tony Stark to Steve Jobs is timely in a shallow-meet-our-weekly-deadline sort of way. It is snarky. It is also 100% pure bullshit. It demonstrates profound ignorance if not willful stupidity about either (or both) fictional character or the real man. (This after Larry Ellison just got paid $197 million as Oracle’s CEO). Mere quibbles before the piece’s lazy claim that Iron Man was and is really a subliminal attempt to hypnotize young Americans into capitalism’s dark embrace (forgetting George Reeve’s earlier portrayal standing avec flag), etc. Just what is the point of the Slate exercise?

We could go on about Slate’s flatulence. And probably will after seeing the movie. (We’ve heard good things from people who, like the Stiftung, enjoy this sort of pop culture).

Doubtlessly these same grandees at Slate are also in the tank for the Crown Prince.