The (a?) problem with bluffs can be two fold: (i) they have to be credible; and (ii) they lose suasion geometrically through overuse. Perhaps if the Israelis ran an exercise over Florida (synchronized with a NASCAR championship, that might be the last straw. But as it is, move along. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.


BUT, a deeper game is the psychology not of the Iranians (or Russians or Chinese), but U.S. Democrat donors and their Neocon counterparts staggering in the wilderness. Can these charades get them on board? (McCain doesn’t count as a challenge). The Iranians aren’t intimidated. For all the reasons we have discussed ad nauseam here. Would an Obama fold? We think it is not unreasonable to venture a 60-40% thing — after his visit on January 23rd. Tragically, his caving and eventual endorsement to such an adventure would merely be the book end of General Jello’s UN debacle.