‘I Told You “Podlodka” Wasn’t The Word For Airplane!’

All the world is a stage today for President Clinton and the returned journalists. We agree with Bob Herbert and others that this is a moment to be savored; America (except for the Neocons) coming together to celebrate their release. We’ll hold back from Tweety-gasms about it all, which ring hollow and seem more an effort to make amends for his misogyny and borderline sociopathic eruptions against HRC in the past.

And we can’t think of anything original to say on the other big story of the week – Paula Abdul leaving American Idol. We know, right?

Instead, we’re having fun seeing Vlad’s attempt to mimic both Reagan on horseback and Mao swimming the Yangtze. You’ve probably heard about the Sovs Russians sending two subs off the Atlantic coast. And their ongoing attempts to get their Bulava missile to work. (We shouldn’t laugh overlong. We’ve had our own problems in the past when we actually had the human capital base which knew how to build missiles. Today it is much worse).

We were just thinking back when we represented almost all the companies that blew things up, made platforms to deliver things that blew up, or the networks that allowed people to target, track and then rain down a firestorm of things blowing up. Good times, good times. Well, except for dealing with some of the wingnuts on both sides. Trudging to Pat Boone prayer breakfasts with cheques in hand, etc. got a bit old. (But he’s a nice guy even at 8:00 AM and he did make that metal cover album – so some props for a sense of humor).

We could almost visualize this actually happening. You know who’s all over this pimping Virginia class boats and other solutions inside the procurement knife fighting. After all, we would.

Do You Know How Bad This Is Going To Look At Bonus Time??  Do You ?!