1. James Nostack says

    A reference to Galactus invests the Newt with far too much gravitas. (Though I agree that he’s just scamming for his next meal.)

    How well do you know the Fourth World saga? Newt Gingrich has the moral decency of Glorious Godfrey and the intellectual heft of Funky Flashman.

    I can’t get over that hair. He’s like a little Isaac Asimov!

  2. says

    @James Nostack You know, James, there is a sort of Galactus-in-the-making-hoping-to-be vibe going, now that you mention it. A shame the mere picture deprives us of the smooth stylings of Bachman-Turner Overdrive . . .

  3. says

    That would be a funny book, and who knows, maybe it was on a TOR slush pile. Our friend who used to commission and edit him later often wanted to pull his hair out in frustration, even after pairing him with a previously published writer.

  4. James Nostack says

    Newt Gingrich’s fashion choices predicted 2011 Williamsburg, Brooklyn?? He truly is a visionary, or at least a Jack Kirby villain.

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