Irony Defined – In The Technical Sense

P.S. Does your screen show a ‘blank’? This site since the first Bush Administration used the Flash animation technology to share with you. Apple declared war on Flash and Adobe, and it looks like Flash’s days are over. Wish you could see this animation and all the other cool animated stuff here?

Kvetch to Steve Jobs.


  1. Aldershot says

    If I die of vanity
    Promise me
    Promise me
    They bury me
    Some place I don’t want to be
    You’ll dig me up
    And transport me
    Away from
    The swollen city breeze
    The garbage bag trees
    Whispers of disease
    Acts of enormity
    And lower me
    Slowly and sadly and properly
    Get Ry Cooder
    To sing my eulogy
    At the hundredth meridian
    Where the great plains begin

  2. Comment says

    Doc – do you recall they review of her PhD these re Chezchos/USSR we posted a while back? It was from 1985 and basically pointed out everthinging in her dis was wrong and it was based entirely on Soviet propaganda from a defector who had re-defected.

  3. Comment says

    Huckabee? Doubt Obama believes that. He prob thinks Romney – but since Romney has a chance, he’d rather have Huckabee.
    He also wants to elevate Ryan – as a future social sec foil.

    • Dr Leo Strauss says

      This WH retinue must reprove basic political competence to regain benefit of the doubt. These Obama town halls with the ‘Twilight’ vampire generation . . .? One gains new appreciation for McChrystal’s exasperation and dismay but not his poor judgment venting to a reporter.

  4. Comment says

    Baker’s article was about 3 or 4 times longer than it needed to be – Baker focused a lot on pseudo stuff that beltwayers like. Also, Baker has no real reason to think FinReg had bipartisan potential, but he pretends – so he can be fake balanced and shake his head at partisanship on both sides. This is where Baker becomes a bore –

    All of this is irrelevant – Reagan’s polls were low – but when the economy improved his numbers improved- Obama’s numbers will also improve with a better economy. Clinton’s bad numbers were more about the kulturwar – But when he had a foil and a booming economy, his numbers improved – Recall Bill Bennett expressing disappointment in America for giving Clinton a pass on Monica while the economy boomed.
    Everyone comes up with reasons why Carter or Reagan etc have this or that poll rating – but that reason is just something that comes after the economy determines basic popularity levels.

  5. Comment says

    Peter Baker lost us right in the beginning when he says Obama sat in a leather chair that was reupholstered – not just refurbished. So we have this image of a leather chair with upholstery piled on top of it.

  6. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Comment :

    Dimon says move on:

    Dimon is right to say so according to the code of his Class. Hasn’t Obama, Summers, Geithner, Dodd et. al. proven that political runts across the aisles will tend to and protect that Class above all? Situational ethics being everything in America today, why should Dimon of all people be the first Class traitor to suddenly discover a moral and ethical center?

    Dimon is wise to sleep walk through meaningless kabuki. For the same reason if say, Krugman didn’t spontaneously exist, Dimon et al. would have to fabricate one, two or a dozen. Maybe even put up a bigger fake fight over Liz Warren.

    The rubes need some illusion that their voices matter. That’s just good portfolio management. After all, some of the rabble are catching on that life in America is rigged.

  7. Comment says

    The whole secret money thing is the only thing that has really got FNC hosts in a defensive and angry rage –
    As uncle pat said — it’s working. Rove will never reveal his donors. They will just angry.

  8. Comment says

    Anyway, there is some unspoken reason why Todd is so upset over this. This whole money issue must affect him in some indirect way. There’s some reason – we think this is a great issue for Dems if they really push it. The idea of just letting the whole secret money thing slip is somethings only a that insider ilk that likes to lose would think ok.

  9. Comment says

    Uncle Pat, Donny Deutch and Tina brown all think the WH foreign/secret money message works – Yet, C. Todd keeps rolling his eyes and falsely says the WH lost the fact debate – There is zero doubt the Amcham received fuingible money – Ofcourse he was backed up by the weak and uninteresting Charles Blow. Blow is just not an interesting writer. But anyway – we think that the most interesting part was Willie Geist acting surprised that Fred Hiatt sides with Rove.

  10. Comment says

    Not to make too much – but we have to walk back what we said about MoDo – We just read her article in full and she us actually nuanced in her review of O’D. We made the mistake of reading a winger’s angry out of context quote – But MoDo does that all the time herself.

  11. Comment says

    This was the performance that Dowd mocked re O’Donnell – Have to say we were surprised by how well O’D does here (though we think her thoughts are mostly all derivative). We doubt Dowd could understand Tolkein better since she does not seem to know Tolkein is a well regarded scholar and writer. O’D’s intern has zero web presence, but she is rather smart – something does not add up:

  12. Comment says

    We knew we were right to see something wrong about C Todd’s action the other day because we saw FNC & Friends and Fox all day screaming bloody mayhem over this Amcham issue – which is a slam dunk. The pushback was angry and squeaky all day – so they know it is a good issue against the GOP. But this is exactly the kind of thing the masochistic dems flinch at – Predictably Sulliven complains against demagoging the Chamber, but supposedly the Chamber should be allowed to just attack wout paying a price. If RFK were around, T. Donahue would in some secret prison by now.

  13. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Comment :
    Also – C. Todd is constantly touting H. Barbour to the point of airbrushing away Barbour’s daily attacks against Obama over the spill – Again, if Todd were a R that would make sense, but he is a liberal Dem.

    It’s just venal tropism. In Barbour’s case, he’s got so many chits in this town. And when he is not spouting stuff ‘everyone knows’ he doesn’t believe in public, he’s a fairly practical pol.

    MSNBC should unleash Eugene Robinson on the matter. His penetrating, relentless, steely-eyed insight will shed the missing incandescent light and banish all doubt.

  14. Comment says

    Leo – you’re Movement anthropology is usually spot and you know how insecure and culturally obtuse many of the figures are – Esp, the love/hate/obsession with pop culture:

    NB – how the conservatives react – upset that one of their fictional heroes (who they imagined as some sort of Republican in the show) lets his mask slip and speak something commonplace. Hamm does not seem flighty and/or in any way a caricature celeb liberal. Also – note the other McCain project some of his own masculine insecurities (a recurrent theme on his blog) onto Hamm.

  15. Comment says

    Palin’s FB page has become a nasty bulletin board – with suggestions of violence from commentators directed at real and perceived liberals

  16. Comment says

    “relentless hatred of the enemy that [should] impel us over and beyond the natural limitations of man and transform us into effective, violent, selective, and cold killing machines”.
    ~(Che Guevera telling his mororcycle journey pal David Mitrani what the revolutionary left must cultivate.)

  17. Comment says

    Also – C. Todd is constantly touting H. Barbour to the point of airbrushing away Barbour’s daily attacks against Obama over the spill – Again, if Todd were a R that would make sense, but he is a liberal Dem.

  18. Comment says

    “Young man, if I had I been but a few years younger, I would have loved nothing better that to have served under your command in this great venture.”
    ~Winston Churchill to Kremit Roosevelt (1953)
    (upon hearing of joint CIA-SIS success in overthrowing Iran’s Mossadegh – an operation
    still paying dividends.)

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