It Was In The Season Of The Rains

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is complaining that his “friends on the left” just don’t understand him — he’s not moving to the center, he is “no doubt” a progressive, just one who now supports the scandalous FISA “compromise” and Antonin Scalia’s views on gun rights and the death penalty, no longer plans to accept public campaign funding, and wants to make sure women aren’t feigning mental distress to get a “partial-birth” abortion (the right’s despicable term of choice; the correct phrase is either late-term or third-trimester abortion).

I actually have some sympathy for Obama. He was never the great progressive savior that his fans either thought he was, or peddled to their readers. While Arianna Huffington and Markos Moulitsas and Tom Hayden were hyping him as the progressive alternative to Hillary Clinton, Obama was getting away with backing a healthcare bill less progressive than Clinton’s, adopting GOP talking points on the Social Security “crisis” and double-talking on NAFTA. So why shouldn’t he think his “friends on the left” will put up with his abandoning other progressive causes?

So how exactly is she wrong? And how could these morons not see this tsunami of political unreliability from such an inexperienced and shallow character looming over them the whole primary season? And even if that assessment is not dead on, how could it be otherwise electorally?

The Stiftung would be reassured if the Crowned One is simply prosecuting the old Left in the Primaries, Center for the General. So far his wobbling execution is not encouraging. Yet we will grant the Crowned One a temporary pass; he’s a n00b as the Kool Kidz say on Xbox Live after another tea_______. Joan Walsh et al.? PWNED !

Regarding the FISA bill itself, our position and background with FISA is put forth at length over at STSOZ 1.0. We do think that calling Greenwald a hero for discovering FISA in 2005 is yet another example of the so profoundly pathetic, ignorant, intellectually vacant and . . . well, so emblematic of the chattering class in ‘America’ today. Same with Matthew Yglesias’s petulant woulda coulda shoulda — although his promising — astounding, actually — acuity needs to be and will be honed over more time.

People should feel sympathetic one supposes for dupes. But not today.

Have some peanuts.