James Risen Has A Pulitzer

Whenever a reporter cornered in an interview drops the ‘how dare you ask me, I have a Pulitzer, you know’, it’s game over. Risen venting bile and umbrage on his inferiors in the blogosphere who called bs on his non-story of Afghanistan’s vast mineral wealth a mini Rorschach.

“Bloggers should do their own reporting instead of sitting around in their pajamas,” Risen said.

“The thing that amazes me is that the blogosphere thinks they can deconstruct other people’s stories,” Risen told Yahoo! News during an increasingly hostile interview, which he called back to apologize for almost immediately after it ended. “Do you even know anything about me? Maybe you were still in school when I broke the NSA story, I don’t know. It was back when you were in kindergarten, I think.” (Risen and fellow Times reporter Eric Lichtblau shared a 2006 Pulitzer Prize for their reporting on the Bush administration’s secret wiretapping program; this reporter was 33 years old at the time.)

Priceless. We didn’t bother mentioning the original Risen piece because it was old news. The Chinese already signed an almost $100 billion deal to begin mining operations a while ago, and so on. Recycled news. To learn Milt Bearden helped launch the whole NYT recycling charade icing on the cake. Fact checking and editing at the Times understandably cut back to help subsidize the forthcoming pay wall and new, revised and marginally useful iPad app.

Was the Times story positioned before the Petreaus hearings this week as some allege? It follows the NYT’s time honored role of AgitProp leak platform from the last Administration. Risen denies it. Doesn’t matter. Petreaus collapsing on camera put short shrift to that ‘framing’ in any event.