1. Comment says

    Mika is attractive and intelligent – It’s tough to calibrate that combination.

    La Noonan is on – speaking obvious insights about the mad Gov. But she is wrong about Rev. Wright – Wright is obviously appalling, but the controversy around him will ultimately benefit Obama in ways that hard to describe.

    La Noonan is suggesting Obama elaborate on his Christianity – Once again, like Tweety, accidentally revealing the fact that she is not a journalist or concerned with facts. Obama has a book and countless speeches already on the record re this topic , if she really wanted to study the topic. But she doesn’t – it’s all about news cycle and image etc and re-assuring her bourgeois unsettled temperment.

    It never occurs to La Noonan or others in the white liberal media, to make Predident Bush answer for Billy Graham’s psychotic comments about Jews when he was meeting Nixon in the Oval office. They also think nothing of questioning Obama about his unfortunate, if tenuous, link to Farakhan. But they wink at McCain’s courting Hagee or Rudy’s courting of Robertson.

    In truth, McCain, Obama, and HRC all get hassled too much for their connections – Something Charlie Black noted.

  2. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    Mika’s servile imitation of air headed Today show hosts is appalling. A nadir for such a promising journalist.

  3. Aldershot says

    A wicked good imitation of Tweety would really hurt his feelings.

    Is it me, or does Dan Abrams whine as much as Tucker? And more irritatingly.

  4. Anon says

    Just a note on Sumerby above – He is adept at pointing out these facts and catagorizing them a placing them in a certain context. Alas, like a lot of liberals of certain vintage he does not really grok why GOP inspired propaganda works and becomes plausible with so many elite liberals.

    But it was interesting to see him dis Olberman. Last night we too were amused by Olbermann’s ridiculous rant about HRC’s being Jesse Helms in a pantsuit. We say that as Obama supporters – but Keith is really pushing the bounds of reason. He is losing credibility among Dems.

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    SNL pulls punches on that Tweety imitation – Hammond knows its not his best work. It’s sad. Matthews is sad. Downey is funnier than Franken, but even his best stuff is not golden.
    Downey was sure glad to get on the record that un-funny Tina Fey skit was not his. We all know why Tweety wanted to talk about it.
    Pretty funny too that Tweet actually thought Downey may have written that Tina Fey ‘Bitch’ skit.
    You don’t have to be a good literary or intelligence analysts to know that was not written by a middle age man. Pretty revealing, in an funny but unintentional way, that Matthews actually thought otherwise.

  6. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    It’s also sad to see him gleefully basking in the SNL parody of him as something noteworthy. His craven need for recognition knows no bounds.

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    The amazing Tweety just suggested dividing up Florida delegates by averaging poll numbers. He was not joking – what a stupid comment. Aside from the overall absurity and stupidity and illegality of it, he shows he knows nothing about polling and the various methodologies.

  8. Comment says

    Just switched on Matthews – he’s pretending to speak for Pennsylvania working class whites.

  9. Comment says

    When Ferraro said what she said ,she does not really know how riciculous she sounds to many Obama supporters. Pat’s slightly different.

    There is an absurd vogue in the media to invert reality and present people with inherited wealth and privlidge, like sometime slacker George Bush, as working class upstarts (think Fred Barnes ‘Rebel in Chief’ or Tweety hailing Bush as ‘one-of us’). Then they re-invent Democrats who grew up in broken homes – think Clinton or Obama – as privlidged. Sometimes it gets so absurd – Often using a small superficials fact or two to weave a massive broad falsehood.

    Ferraro played into that – unintentionally. IMO – Partly jealous. Unlike Barack, Ferraro was not regarded as exceptionally talenent by people she grew up with. She was a traditional liberal with some outer bororough edge who was plucked from obscurity by Mondale. Obama is far different – Not just race-wise.

    The so-called latte liberals exist – but they are statistically insignificant and their large magazineland presence obscures the fact that ordinary people in Iowa and eelsewhere are not like that

  10. Aldershot says

    Well, it was Maddow, Buchannan, and Kelly someone, a Dem strategist. He was defending Ferraro, to some extent, saying that what she said bore some truth. Kelly kept interrupting while he was trying to make his point, and he told her to shut up…and she said that was inappropriate. When it was Rachel’s turn she said she’d been on TV a lot with him, and she’d never heard him talk like that, and it was completely inappropriate, or something. But, at the very end, when they were signing off, I think she regretted speaking so plainly to an old guy she respects, so she pointed her finger at him and said jokingly, ‘Pat, I’ll meet you in Ohio.’ I’d love to see those two teamed up on a show. They’ve certainly paired them up enough.

  11. Comment says

    Missed that Buchanan moment – Damm. What happened? Just a side note – there is a big generation gap – aside from the normal difference in perspective – when it comes to the Ferraro kerfuffle.

  12. Aldershot says

    The best thing about MoDo is that her columns are short.

    Did anyone catch Pat telling a female guest to ‘shut up’ tonight on Dan Abrams? Makes me sad.

  13. Comment says

    All kidding aside – Dowd’s column today is just amazing – Is it just us? She seems to be operating at a low level – Like a beginner. It’s amazing that’s Pulitzer material.

  14. Anon says

    Tweety thinks a hard question is an insult – But he could have actuall asked Obama a real question about Iraq withdrawl or Health care etc – But Tweety revealed yesterday on Morning Joe that he is unaware that HRC or Obama offered healt care plans that are not single payer. In fact, Tweety wondered why HRC or Obama don’t break tradition and come up with something besides single payer – which is what both have done – He should know that.

  15. Anon says

    Boehlert and others are catching on to what we discussed about Tweety and Muslim game – Incidentally, last night Tweety had Obama on for a small interview. Did he ask serious questions? No – He asked freak show questions about that right wing Congressman King from Iowa, as if Obama would say anything meaningful after an insulting question.

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    Recall a while back we noted that Conrad Black’s defense was weaker than it could have been and we blamed Mark Steyn for part of that. Steyn’s poor defenses of Black were read and reverse engineered, it seemed, by the prosecutors and rival media – Anyway, look what Steyn himself just said, rather carelessly on Hugh Hewett:

    “This murky Iraqi who is connected with Rezko presents potential problems, because in effect, this guy is unloading a vast amount of money on the Rezko guy who basically paid the Obamas’ mortgage.”

    That’s *basically* a lie and such a careless calumny that it shows a reckless willingness to ignore a more nuanced way Rezko could be used to smear Obama more effectively.

    Anyway – read Steyn (MS) brag to Hugh Hewett (HH) about his role in the Conrad trial – Which supposedly ended badly and you can see why Conrad must be cursing his friendships as much as his enemies:

    MS: But I actually went further in the Conrad Black trial, in that Judge Amy was actually jolly decent about it, and let me…she banned cell phones from the court, but she allowed blackberries. So I was actually doing live blog post from my blackberry on the press bench, which were being read by both the prosecution and defense counsel during the course of the trail. As they’re sitting at their tables getting ready to cross-examine the witness, they’re actually reading what I was writing. And I had such a kick out of that, I’m going to do it at my own trial in British Columbia, and I’d love to do it in Chicago again, too.

    HH: Well, did you have the same judge, Judge Amy?

    MS: Yeah, Amy St. Eve.

    HH: Yeah.

    MS: And she and I, you know, I like her very much. She’s a…I don’t agree with a lot of what, a lot of her rulings, but she’s certainly a fun judge to hang around, to those of us who used to think of judges as rather severe figures in full-length wigs.

    HH: I did not realize that Conrad Black’s judge was Tony Rezko’s judge until this very moment. That’s very interesting

    MS: No, and her courtroom, I get on well with all the security officers and the whole gang. I’d love to be back there. I had a ball.

  17. Comment says

    The Feith-conspiracy narrative was always underwhelming and it’s somewhat surprising that both he and his enemies have ridden it this far.

    Bush tells the truth during his gridiron shows and people are finally starting to wake up to the fact that he had this planned all along and his rustic rube act was for the benefit of others.

    Buchanan is getting distracted defending Gerry Ferraro (Leo – this is the type of thing we alluded to earlier – low grade un pc comments that will fly to Barack’s ultimate benefit for the next few months) so he hasn’t been able to set up a good anti neocon narrative on his shows.

    Alas = the BuchananTakiDigby coalition is bit unworkable as a long term prospect. Maybe Pat can sit down with Arianna and Hamsher and figure out how to keep this thing going a bit.

  18. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    Digby makes too much of Feith, as do most in the media.

    When Bush told a couple of Senators after 9/11 “Fuck Saddam” and pulled Wolfie aside at Camp David a scant fornight later and said let’s just lie low on Saddam, the handwriting was on the wall. Harper Collins is trying to create blurb hype.

    re Tucker, I think someone at MSNBC finally saw footage of his turn on “Dancing with the Stars” and was appalled beyond words. It obviously had nothing to do with content, quality or ratings.

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    Tucker’s show was running far far longer than a show with such ratings should run. It was amazing that it lasted that long. He must have good lawyers negotiating his contracts.

    Maybe if HRC loses – she and Tucker can get together and do a crossfire type show and he can bring back the bow tie and she could get than handband out of the Presidential library storage room.

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