Last Stand

Betrayal is in the air. Doubt spreads as Festivus approaches.

As Rahm Says We Love Crises!

Nitpickers pounced right after inauguration. They see collusion in the Citi Corp bailout. They also fail to grok that what’s good for Goldman Sachs is good for Goldman Sachs. “Just look at the timeline of the Citigroup deal,” says one leading Democratic consultant. “Just look at it. It’s fucking amazing. Amazing! And nobody said a thing about it.” Typical Hollywood naivete. Why do they hate America?

It's Necessary, We're In An Emergency

If that wasn’t enough, some ‘fringe’ birkenstock types supported Obama because they care about rule of law, separation of powers, judicial review and general practical, moral and ethical problems with torture. Inconvenient. The new Administration preferred to whitewash the whole thing and offer immunity and government legal assistance. Initially optimists thought it wise to forego the green badgers and line officers and build a case for the actual torture policy makers. Oh, those Bush era State Secrets? Obama wants to keep them, too. Same with Patriot Act provisions. But it’s a nit for glass half full types. Er, ‘Move on’. It's Necessary, We're In A Crisis The birkenstockers’ granola is now splashed with a dose of DoJ defending John Yoo, advancing legal arguments used by the Nazi defendants at Nuremberg. Why wouldn’t the American Department of Justice summon the spirit of Roland Freisler and Eichman. We’re talking about *lawyers* being liable for their actions. Yoo may be a war criminal, but he’s part of the OLC club. Who invited Turley with his self righteous legal principles? Butt out.

When it rains it pours. Our saintly president is burdened with LSD-abusing, Sandanista-Chavez-loving whackos, assorted geostrategic ‘realists’, advocates of diplomacy and engagement and fiscal moderates. How could they not know Field Marshal Goldilocks was in charge? Of course Goldilocks would surge in the 30,00 range. (Did not the Stiftung call that exact outcome months ago?) Who is surprised that Goldilocks calls for ‘victory’ in 18 months and is immediately contradicted and ignored by DoD and CENTCOM. Kagan et al. said, the trick was to get Obama into Afghanistan, knowing it would be politically impossible to withdraw anytime soon. ‘Mission Accomplished’. Quoting an ’80s pop song, ‘Who’s Zooming Who?’ It's Necessary, We're In A Crisis

Leftist ingrates now scoff at a simple 1,200 page health care reform program. Obama will deliver millions of new paying customers to existing abusive companies without any cost constraint. Tens of billions in windfall profit. It’s market-reform, baby. Naturally, for this vital mission the Democrats turned to their go to guy, Mr. Clutch, Max Baucus. Oh, and Ben Nelson. Plus those two women from Maine that people mix up. For the coup de grace, ‘The Closer’, Joementum. Prepare for Democrats to declare victory with words written for them by the insurance industry.

It's Necessary, We're In A Crisis

No one’s dropping the ball gaining control of financial oversight. Who doubts Liz Warren’s impact? And who, if not Barney Frank, can deliver tight, meaningful financial reform after the greatest economic catastrophe since 1929? He even named it ‘The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009.’ So what if Democrats do the scut work of Wall Street and ensure derivatives and other instruments of financial malware remain unregulated and highly profitable? Like it’s really Democrats assuring business as usual with no consequences. They held a press conference.

That’s the problem with the naysayers. They refuse to see the pony in there somewhere.

It's Necessary, Because We Control All Branches Of Government
And hey, a Nobel Prize counts as serious bling, yanno?