Listless . . . So Listless

Back in the days when Doonesbury was actually funny (Duke as Ambassador to China or coaching the Redskins), there a great run of cartoons at the twilight of the Carter era and the dawning of the Reagan pre-apotheosis (1980-88).

Trudeau depicted this senior oil executive in the middle of the gas rationing crisis and Afghanistan, etc. He just sat on a sofa, martini in hand. Drinking himself into a stupor. His worried family asked him, shouldn’t you be out helping the president solve our energy crisis or finding new reserves? And all he could say with a blank thousand yard stare was, he needed tax incentives and rebates to get up. Otherwise, he just felt listless, so listless. Perhaps this one of those “you have to see the cartoon itself” kind of things. But it is all that Donnesbury has not been for decades.

We’re not going to delve into financial or tax policy at this time. Our philosophy (more of a guideline, actually) is one quagmire at a time. We are stealing that phrase today simply because it sums up our current political energy level and thinking watching this circular firing squad passing for Democratic politics. As you know, we’ve never been down with the Crown Prince. We still look askance at the Olbermann-esque vapors for him. We also are sad to see some of the foundations of the netroots splinter over the primary contest.

All the more baffling to see the enthusiasm proffered at dissecting yet more MoDo flatulence or others pouring over Lexis/Nexis quote dives for when a spiritual leader said this or who really shot at Sinbad (which is not totally inexplicable in an abstract sort of way) et al. We’ve only shared an alcohol fueled boat cruise standing next to Chuck Todd before he became CHUCK TODD and even then he was tedious in his fascination with the kind of political factoids give a jaunt to Karl Rove. We preferred ordering another round. Now we simply can not stand the angels on the heads of pins analysis of when Super Delegates, like the Justice League, will swoop in and save the day.

Recall the energy, mobilization and focus created by November 2006? Between then and today, so much squandered. McCain may even actually stand a decent chance of sitting behind The Desk. Listless . . . so listless.

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled non election broadcasts after the break. Same bat time. Same bat channel.