Liz Warren For Senate, Initial Thoughts

We’ve always liked her as long time readers know. Her husband, Bruce Mann, too.

We just aren’t sure what kind of senator she’ll make. She was uniquely qualified to come from Harvard to run the TARP oversight committee. She showed what many already knew; she’s that rare combination of machine-gun-like rapid fire intellect, common sense, and empathy for basic common values.

Her subsequent idea of creating a new consumer rights agency wholly in keeping with her mind and values. OK, she was naive accepting Administration encouragement and blandishments at face value. Her devolution into an Administration prop trotted out for pandering their cynicism, not hers.

Now her Senate campaign opens today with big success. She’s become something of an icon for progressives seeking full throated authenticity. How will she do? Temperamentally she is the anti-Martha Coakley. Should she win the primary against half a dozen well entrenched political incumbents, she may do well.

But we’re not interested in Liz Warren the icon tonight. We wonder if this is the right thing for her, personally. Clearly she thinks so. Chalk this up to friendly musing.

We’ve worked with more than a few Senators over the years and been in (started?) not a few legislative Vietnams on that side of the Hill. Liz Warren’s qualities (some of them specifically gender related) that intimidated and infuriated senators during her doomed nomination will remain. HRC decided to deal with the club by paying her dues with unglamorous background work. It’s easy to see a Liz Warren try that approach. Even easier to see her then erupt in frustration at the surrounding stupidity.

Of one thing we are sure: she’s smart enough to know all this already.