Look Back In Anger

We are probably not a good Oppositionist. We really can’t fathom why some issues pre-occupy the Opposition. That’s not to say anything condescending — in fact, the defect is probably here. A tin ear is a tin ear. It’s certainly odd to see a melody manifest so demonstrably yet not hear the notes.

A perfect example? The weekend’s self righteous rage in certain quarters over Friedman’s latest banality. Of course he is inane. One could serve out a purgatorial sentence mining that vein. Perhaps it is just our tin ear again.


The London Times interviews Tony Blair looking back on the war. Much is recap already known. We just note this excerpt:

Some, including Colin Powell, have subsequently criticised Blair for never really facing Bush down. I put Powell’s words to Blair. “It wasn’t a bargaining chip for me,” he replied. “I wasn’t in a position where I was negotiating with him (Bush) in order to get him to do something different. In my view if it wasn’t clear that the whole nature of the way Saddam was dealing with this issue had changed I was in favour of military action. And, I am afraid, in one sense it is worse than people think in so far as my position is concerned. I believed in it. I believed in it then, I believe in it now.”

No surprise Blair comes out where he does. Powell, the Benchpresser and Wilkerson et al. again shifting the blame for war. Perhaps General Powell can explain it all to the angry British troops.