Maybe A Little Is Enough

The Boy King, resplendent as Beta Male, finally threw some sand back at Romney. Last encounter left Obama cowering on the beach, withering under Romney’s taunts. We doubt Obama’s new found spine will reverse matters much; perhaps it’s just enough to cling to the status quo.

Each a caricature of their Platonic forms: introverted, cerebral, passive ‘decider’ and hyper aggressive entitled bully. Romney unleashed his inner Al Pacino, chewing the town hall stage scenery with gusto. Mercifully he omitted a “Hoohah!” after walking over moderator Crowley or even Obama. Obama had a George McFly moment, finally deciding to stand up to the bully Biff.

Perhaps Obama can slink through Ohio and hold on to his presidency. If you are reading this, you already agree that a Movement Restoration remains too alarming to contemplate. Even so, who really looks forward to 4 more years of Obama’s weakness, timidity, compulsive compromising, detachment and judgmental disengagement?


  1. Cargo says

    I certainly look forward to it more than four years of war against Iran, overturning Roe, 1 or 2 hyperconservative Supreme Court justices, Medicare vouchers and Mitt Romney’s friends paying no taxes whatsoever.

    • says

      As a purely defensive, passive gesture, agree – Obama is preferable. To be asked for enthusiasm about that? Merely a sign of how small out politics are, how enervated, depleted and exhausted the liberal (small ‘l’) democratic ideal is.

  2. anxiousmodernman says

    I tweeted that he faltered right before his McFly moment. I still think he falters.

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