Miasmic Rope A Dope

At this?

Obama vs Obama Opportunities

But ineffectual counter punching is still not that serious for Obama — yet. As Paris aptly put it, this ‘Godzilla’ is just a “wrinkly white haired dude.” A true GINO (Godzilla in Name Only).

McCain Dole 2008 Godzilla In Name Only (GINO)

Still one wonders why Obama can’t do much more damage on such a listless — indeed pathetic — McCain/Dole 2008 campaign. By all rights, McCain should be a shambling political joke by now — in both reality and faux poll world. Even with all the latent, subterranean issues that remain keeping the polls close (albeit this early especially national polls mean nothing), Obama by all rights should be towering over his bumbling rival. One should not underestimate McCain’s (GINO) difficulties, alas. He has only Britney and Paris to work with in the mass demotic mind; back in the day, vacant, quantumly self indulgent super models offered far more aesthetics as well as middle brow opportunities for snark and humor. McCain surely has no idea who Beyonce is anyway.

(Stephanie Seymour’s bachelorette party with Nicholson et al.)

Even his alleged Republican base either despises him still or at best remains exasperated. It’s quite entertaining to hear the You Know Whos on talk radio go through the motions. They are on even keel going after the Boy King. But when it comes to McCain, the embarrassment, humiliation of having to defend someone they for years blasted as the Republican Anti Christ, it might as well be dead air.

We talk to folks in the Republican base about McCain. They preface their comment with ‘He’s really a liberal loser’ or ‘You know, there is no difference between.’ Some are more adamant in their visceral antipathy. They yearn openly for his career to end in overwhelming defeat and destruction. Others wait for a crushing counter punch. Many respect a well landed blow. And still others would rather be liberated by the Boy King’s victory (and its lucrative fundraising possibilities) than serve under McCain.

Perhaps this is the year diaphanous possibilities are the counter punch. The kind where Kirk and Spock beam down to a planet and vainly try to punch their way out of a bad special effect nimbus. Miasmic rope-a-dope. Keep McCain close and tire him out (how creepy is that thought). Except GINO isn’t punching, either.

All in all, a tawdry situation. We’re off to check the air pressure in our tires . . .


  1. DrLeoStrauss says

    “A word about being human. Bill Gates once asked me, ‘Could you make me more human?’

    I said, ‘Being human is overrated’.”

    Mark Penn Memo To Clinton Campaign (Dec. 2006)

    “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

    Mark Penn To All Senior Clinton Advisors (Jan. 2007)

  2. DrLeoStrauss says

    One supposes it is an important technicality that Cheney’s office requested a forgery for the legal implications. Given the totality of the circumstances, however, it is not clear to us what this additional factoid adds to considerable and undeniable evidence already before us that the Administration lied its way into war, lied to the American people and the world.

    It’s also always been true as we’ve said here many a time, unlike say breathless reports from Harpers et al. claiming Cheney’s men were the SS and the CIA the honorable Wehrmacht (totally ignorant of Wehrmacht complicity in the planning, execution and waging of war as war criminals) the CIA was and is not a monolith. Suskind’s tapes sound like great stuff and within 24 hours subject to great YouTube mash ups.

    All the more curious when one knows a tape recorder has been running and then seeks nonetheless to deny its contents. What precisely is to be gained? A meth head on COPS might try that, or someone on Chris Hanson’s gotcha MSNBC show (which mercifully seems to have given way to even more listless prison porn), but someone who has been around the block? Surely, even someone trained in how to play checkers (Stratego, anyone?) would know the denial would only give a platform for further documentary proof, fanning the self-immolation flames still further, *even if not technically accurate*. I.e., Suskind now has only to produce a hand grenade in general vicinity. ‘What is *is* will get drowned out’ and the larger meme remain.

  3. Anon says

    Barack has to be carefull – There has never been a black Prez. His range of response is circumscribed

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