Microsoft Dysfunctional As We All Know It, From The Inside

From the former Microsoft VP, Dick Brass in the NYT, comes the shocker: Microsoft can’t innovate. Beyond the individual bureaucratic stories common to most large companies are a broader culture and system in disarray. Brass says MSFT is America’s next GM poster child for industrial failure.

Microsoft’s “The Official Microsoft Blog” stutters out hey, you know, we didn’t suck like Sony re the whole Xbox Live thing. Stuff to ponder when considering the cash hoards at Silicon Insider. Cheer up, Redmond, it’s not like you are alone here.


  1. eliot says

    Reading these comments is like listening in on patient conversations in a mental hospital.

  2. Comment says

    Israel can also be confident that unbelievable carnage that the Brits caused as the Empire advanced and then receded ultimately blunts any critique – no matter how successful the Beatles, the Who, Monty Python, and Amy Winehouse have been in re-branding the UK.

  3. Comment says

    Indeed – if we were advising Bibi – we would tell him to start stepping up negotiations to end our presence in AfPak and Iraq and we would tell him to offer his good offices to help the US build more trust in the Gulf – Alas – it would be too cynical and over the top and Bibi is not nimble enough to pull off such a good joke.

  4. Dr Leo Strauss says


    The British reaction to it all? Concern about the sanctity of the British passport, of course.

    It’s a little tricky for the U.S. to weigh in given that we are all about sanctioned killing these days. How must the Likudites savor it.

  5. Comment says

    In the wake of the Italian deal gone bad, some in the Agency probably feel about Dubai the way GM mgmt. feels about the Toyota recalls.

  6. Comment says

    We’re tempted to take the Vic out of storage, but we’ll just enjoy the idea of it instead.

  7. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @Requia That’s funny and true. It’s amusing to think how MSFT still might yet be our best secret weapon — all those Chinese computers in their government, military and elsewhere running pirated copies of ME and XP lacking any patches. Stealing candy from a baby – for a moment. Note to DoD et al. — get scooping while the scooping’s good. It’s like NSA in an analog world, right before the change.

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