Mid Wife To Our Times (Updated 21-10-07)

Cher Condi, recall, past her ‘Warrior Princess’ days, told us in 2006 that we are seeing the ‘birth pangs’ of a new Middle East. This was after she told us that politics from above could and would create a New Democratic Man/Woman in the region. All quietly forgotten today by her cheerleaders at a couple of think tanks and a few prominent blogs that thrive on gossip and factoids dropped like table scraps to them.

Like any good survivor, she now pretends she was always against Cheney and the Neocons. Yet if she is truly the World’s 4th Most Powerful Woman and can’t even persuade Tom Lantos to chill on a genocide resolution (and aren’t Neocons supposed to be in favor of declaring bold truths?), what is she good for? So many are now willing to set her up as the martyr who Stood Against Cheney.

Even Jpod is skeptical. We are forced to agree with his conclusions (but not the reasoning) that nothing will come of Rice’s next scheduled Middle East Summit on Nov. 1.

The Look of Love

Putin’s smackdown of Cher Condi’s naive and narcissistic proclamation that “she can handle the Russians” merely proves a point Trump of all people made years ago. She is the Hollow Staffer. How many embarrassments has she endured in the Middle East at the hands of the Neocons and Likud?

Is there one thing she has touched, one policy, anything, that has borne fruit or in anyway been more than a temporary PR stunt? Perhaps as our friend Nell notes, she can salvage the Baghdad embassy or at least burn it down.

[UPDATE] State’s incompetence is so deep as to defy belief. Their inability to manage Blackwater or work with the Pentagon is detailed here. A great quote:

Meetings to negotiate an official memorandum of understanding between State and Defense during the spring of 2004 broke up in shouting matches over issues such as their respective levels of patriotism and whether the military would provide mortuary services for slain diplomats.

And as predicted above and noted in our comments section, Cher Condi’s latest plane ride to the Middle East once again produces . . . nothing.

After five days of shuttle diplomacy, Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, returned home empty-handed yesterday, having failed to pin down participants, an agenda or a firm date for a planned Middle East peace conference.

At the end of a punishing round of talks with Israeli, Palestinian and Arab leaders, Dr Rice said that she was “encouraged” by her mission, but admitted that serious obstacles remained.

What is wrong with those people? Don’t they know that Condi radiates fabulosity?