Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ! Go Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane !

The 3 year old scandal involving Jane Harman’s alleged trading of influence with suspected foreign agents gets new legs. According to Congressional Quaterly, NSA surveillance provided the evidence against Harman in 2006. Oh, and Goss at the time was in a ‘all signs are go!’ mood.

Other than that we’re not entirely sure what exactly is new. A congressional promise to look into a matter with a caveat that not much can be done? Pretty normal. A few calls and then nothing happens? Same. Politics determining congressional committee assignments? Gasp. Perhaps the real story being clarifying the agenda of those making ‘new’ leaks? Par for the course. How perfect that the alleged foreign agent is an American citizen responsible for creating the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


  1. Anon says

    The New Newt, IMO, has limits – His transparent insincerity – paling with Pelosi on carbon – praising a race speech by Obama he did not actually like – or pretending Chavez is an actual threat to the US – is what limits him to small percentage points – Newt can gain traction if there’s a scandal, but Obama can position Newt or Rudy or pretty much any of the old crop of pols that can’t hide their malice behind their ambition, then he’ll be fine.

  2. Anon says

    David Brooks tonight in massive hush puppy overdrive – Starts out trying, on the NewsHour, to talk positively about Obama keeping the “left” at bay – re: torture. Brooks tried his old Hush Puppy trick of attributing his concerns to Obama (he did this with Dubya too when Dubya was popular)
    Bang – Shields pushes back – pressing for a truth commission and condemming torture and giving rat a tat tat names of vets and brass against torture ( Shields knows that he and Lehrer being Marines wigs out the c-hawk Brooks – passive psyops)
    So Brooks keeps trying to switch Obamas statement against putting Intel officers on trial to imply he was really talking about lawyers — ie Yoo, Bybee, etc – So then argues againts the commission, as if that were itself a trial, on that basis.
    It is clear from Brooks really agitated state when his meme was flailing that he is freaking out a bit about this and his insincere pretend-concern about Obama’s agenda (one brooks supposedly dislikes) is a non starter.
    In fact – the right wing hissy fit over torture has elevated Cheney to takle Rush’s place as an unpopular rigght wing foil – Plus, the wig out is totally distracting serious thought into stopping Obamas agenda from getting passed.

    We think the neocons could care less about Obamas f-ing supertrains if they knew they were allowed to keep their torture protecteed.

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