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Time’s journalism on Republican collapse reeks of stale, musty clippings stowed in a moldy basement. Still a concise summary. All we can say is go DeMint, go!

Polls show that most Republicans who haven’t jumped ship want the party to move even further right; it takes vision to imagine a presidential candidate with national appeal emerging from a GOP primary in 2012. DeMint, the South Carolina Senator, greeted Specter’s departure with the astonishing observation that he’d rather have 30 Republican colleagues who believe in conservatism than 60 who don’t. “I don’t want us to have power until we have principles,” DeMint told TIME after firing up that tea-party crowd in Columbia.

Eric Cantor’s travails make equally compelling reading. After McCain disses Cantor as a lightweight never considered as a Veep candidate and Rush makes Cantor denounce ‘listening’, National Council for a New America careens into a ditch – again.

Mike Huckabee, the former presidential candidate who was not invited to join the so-called GOP panel of experts involved with the effort — a list that included Govs. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Sarah Palin of Alaska and Haley Barbour of Mississippi and former Govs. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Jeb Bush of Florida — said that it was “sad day” in Republican politics when “we think it is necessary to form a ‘listening group’ to find out what Americans think we should be fighting for.”

As Carly Simon said, ‘these are the good old days.’