How words and concepts (memes) mutate . . . (” next on the Discovery Channel, brought to you by the New Hummer2.” )

Nothing here that any experienced AgitProp specialist wouldn’t know either intuitively or via conscious and deliberate application. Just consider how the concept of ‘homeland’ got introduced into the American political vernacular — it was before 9/11, btw, in the 1990s — and yes, it was a Neocon concept. Unwitting fellow travelers and stooges such as Gary Hart inadvertently lent the Neocons some limited credibility spreading it before 2001. From the non-existent to the ubiquitous and all its implications, that’s a pretty damn impressive incubation turn around.

The Movement overall and its various strands are good at this. We are trying to think tonight of a single meme or concept that the Democrats have created and introduced within living recent memory. And come up with nothing. Perhaps we’ve overlooked something that you, Dear Reader, might remind us.

And for all the flaws of the Dearborn 10, we do wonder whether any of the Democrats (a) are committed to rolling back this regime and restoring constitutional government, including deep purges; (b) whether they know what and how to do so; (c) have the political cadre and Agitprop skills necessary to sustain what would be a political Verdun if botched.


  1. Comment says

    If the General is HRC V. Rudy, it will degenerate into a faux campaign between Brookings V. AEI. Amy Goodman will be vindicated.

  2. Anon says

    My favorite quote in the above link is this – This is the kind of thing Jon would pass around the office:
    “Is Stewart really such a romantic as to argue that people should forget all that and “do what’s right” (whatever that is) or “follow your heart” or whatever the self-help coinage of the moment is?”
    Got that Doc

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