Not With A Bang But A Boomer Marketing Pitch

Oh fool to hold out hope.

Sat down eagerly for “The Company” tonite.  Previous installments promised a loose grasp of history and a firm grip on pacing and aesthetics.   (The Stiftung adored the T-54, T-55 and T-34s).

Yet who spiked the Evian on the set?   One almost expected Pauley Shore and Adam Sandler to show up as “Sasha”. Timing was the problem.  By 1973/74 Angleton was finished.  The Second Floor’s stranglehold was broken. The Fundamentalists were in retreat across the globe. He certainly wouldn’t be pulling a Nosenko on Krivitsky.  Colby despised Angleton, took the Israeli account away and then fired him.  

And the grand plan was the stock market?  Yuppie 401K(s) under attack! Sigh. 

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