Obama to GOP: ‘I won’

Conducting a retreat ‘they’ say is the hardest of all military operations. And it is.

On the other side, converting a political defeat into retreat, pursuit and rout is equally tricky. One must retain the fruits of victory and avoid hesitation. Then switch over to an operational up tempo to deny an opponent time and space to regroup or re-organize.

The field of battle after January 20th is ideal. Obama shows so far an encouraging sure touch for operational maneuver in service of renewal strategy. Even as euphoria from Tuesday’s Liberation intoxicates still.

We concede enjoying watching erst-while Republicans/Movement types also shout in awe of America’s spirit unbound. How sad their knowledge they will always be on the outside looking in. No matter where they are. That’s their doing, not Obama’s. Enabling a soul destroying parasite for 8 years has consequences. And the dead enders? In broadcast and on Capitol Hill they fight among themselves shrilly stampeding across their Berezina.

Obama’s Executive Orders substantively and optically appear to be terrific. Wise legal drafting for unanticipated future contingencies (almost certainly not to be used) gives added dividends of squeeking Leftist criticism.

The Stiftung is particularly delighted with Obama’s lobbying reform. It’s not the end game by any means but a strong opening move. Note to White House — next in this vein you need to rebuild the deliberately decimated, irretrievably broken and contractor-rigged procurement system. As an interim step just hire auditors. Also stop the rigged privatization of government entities, services and expertise. Please.

Obama’s criminally overdue recognition that the United States cares about both Palestinian suffering, deaths and subhuman treatment and security for Israel. A baby step, but a welcome one.


By contrast, the actual mechanics of the stimulus package are relatively uninteresting. We agree as a matter of empirical research that personal tax cuts don’t give the same ROI as direct outlays. We’re also confident that the United States is no longer capable as a society of large scale physical undertakings anymore. To be more precise — not without staggering inefficiency, foreign input substitution, graft, lies and unaccountability. None of which are particularly stimulative to the economy. Is anyone surprised that many of the allegedly useful projects aren’t even ‘shovel ready’ and would get started in 2010 or 2011?

And this is not even touching Pell Grants stuff, etc. So we’re resigned to watching a monstrous bloat roll over us all.

4 days in from Liberation? Color us pleasantly optimistic.