Oh Kendall, For Fidel?

When we heard the DGI yet again suborned some State types while we bit into a steak fajita at Chipotle Mexican Grill, liberated from Gringo McDonald’s imperialism since 2006, we mused what functionary had fallen for one of Cuba’s greatest natural resources. Maybe she was even a natural blonde.

First up, in a world with human beings, we are going to get penetrated. Sure as the Sun rises. We can manage the risk. Minimize the risk. But it’s going to happen — especially lately given the reaction to the Warlord’s Authoritarianism. On this we are serious: seeds planted in appalled reaction to Bush-Cheney may yield bitter fruit for us regarding agents in place for the coming decades. WFO has its work cut out for it.

DGI Versus Uncle Sam, Super Genius And Acme Tech

Second, the DGI simply are first rate. For their own internal doctrine, training and culture. But also because they understand how to push in this case American buttons. They also understand that American techno-fetishism remains undimmed, especially the so-called box. As you know, having watched both “Chuck” on NBC and possibly a Bond flick, the ‘box’ is really nothing more than a series of galvanic skin response measurements along with other biologic stress recorders. What calls itself CIA today and others still swear by the whole thing. To our ultimate loss.

In the old days, ever wander into a facility and noticed piles of change around soda machines or on the floor? Alot easier to do and be able to say ‘no’ to stealing at the office and not worry about a sweaty guilty flashback to that Mountain Dew you scrounged coming back to bite you in the ass because you get a crappy read on what should have been a pass. Not entirely apocryphal. Now you’re at FSI studying Urdu while it gets ‘cleared up.’ Better today, but the whole process still largely governs by fear and is art, not science, at its best.

Unfortunately for the High Priests some individuals and even whole ethnic elements have different response patterns. Advocates deny it, but the facts are that some Latin personalities for a variety of reasons seem able to defeat the box. The DGI has kicked CIA’s ass time and time again by sending people whom CIA tested, passed, trusted and of course we got burned big time. We are not talking about small little ops. Over decades this has been going on. It’s a Warners Brothers cartoon, folks. Some slavic personalities are also able to manage their stress reactions and continue to give false positives. And then there are mediocrities like Ames. . . But the Cult of Box makes Apple enthusiasts look like Walmart zomboids.

Look, Dear, This Is Building True Socialism !! Under Fidel Everyone Has A Free Sun Tan !!

The Name Is Myers, Kendall Myers

Kendall went to State ostensibly to avoid the box. We knew him tangentially back in the 1980s. For personal reasons unrelated to this blog already aware of his purely academic limitations, we largely stayed clear. Apparently, he had some private epiphany in the 1978 time frame. Let me emphasize that to distinguish what the major papers are reporting as specific dates: *timeframe*.

Learning he betrayed the country for some contrived love for Fidel remains unconvincing at this remove although it was 1978 with ‘Hey, Hey, LBJ’ still echoing in the air and Khmer Rouge Chic affectation still rampant. Nonetheless, Fidel has, um, vast quantities of Cuban ‘natural resources’. For whatever reason, even if not the brightest bulb around, Kendall had to know the DGI of all the Soviet Bloc related services ranked near the top at false flag operations. Perhaps other shoes may drop. We will close with one thought about that. If we’re wrong, and it was all truly a simple awakening to the joys of building socialism, ell that boy just ain’t right, as they say. Perhaps, if Plato takes his case and the usual deal fall through, he may offer creative extenuating circumstances.

PLATO: Your Honor, Defendant respectfully asks that Exhibit 1959(c) be entered into evidence.

JUDGE: What is it, Counsel?

PLATO: This is the K-Tel Top 10 List For 1978. THIS on the radio. Day after day, week after week, haunting my client and his wife, Your Honor. As they started promising careers to defend this Nation against her enemies. May I?

JUDGE: Proceed.

PLATO: The Bee Gees, “Stayin Alive”. Then, Debbie Boone, “You Light Up My Life”, followed again by The Bee Gees, “How Deep Is Your Love” . . . (turn to US Prosecutor). Even a man of iron will would break and weep like a child. I could go on . . . and all in heavy rotation.

US Prosecutor: Oh God, I had no idea. How could we have known?

JUDGE: Counsel, is the Court being offered ‘The Bee Gees Defense”?

Levity in an otherwise bleak situation. Now there is one item I will add from personal background so must do so very carefully. My opacity here is not based on games but a desire to inform while being respectful and careful. Myers very, very, very early on had an issue which caused certain people to propose denying him a security clearance. This would be in the 1977/78 time frame. This is not speculation. It was unrelated to ‘Cuba’. And he eventually did get his clearance.

The matter was not box related (his handlers more than he, we suspect, determined he would be wise to stay clear of the off kilter (because of JJA and Church/ Pike Committees) but still formidable Agency. Besides, the DGI finds mid-level assets useful. CIA then and what calls itself CIA now were and are heavily compartmentalized. State, by comparison, is a Doris Day pillow party.

Like a legal matter, fact patterns are essential, especially dates and time. And my memory is not what it was once was. But his issue was in the 1977/78 period. I can’t say for certain which even plausibly could be construed as even a potential chicken or egg. If there is any causal relationship at all.

But am sipping coffee Sunday morning, wondering. And shuddering at Plato’s revelations . . . someone call Turley and get the Spanish judge.


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    You have to discount the joy that COIN types get by talking about things like biometrics over and above any real value of it – It’s a simple if elusive concept inside a fancy seeming word. It sounds precise and futuristic – it sounds educated – But it has it’s astrological appeal too – It’s practical mysticism and it wins wars and kills bad guys.

    Btw Alex – great stuff on Kilcullen.

  2. says

    Blair would either have failed the box whatever he said – he always seemed slightly oversweaty and too eager – or else he’d have passed whatever. He had no noticeable emotional response to the content of his words. But as the thing is calibrated to the baseline first, I reckon he’d have beaten it.

  3. says

    An interesting story. Regarding the box, there’s a curious contradiction in David Kilcullen’s work between his notion of terrorism – false positive response as an auto-immune disease, which is too right – and his call for “biometric reconnaissance”. Unfortunately biometric technology is Exhibit A of expensive, false positive generating, false certainty generating, politically alienating stupidity. The 21C polygraph.

    Perhaps it works in the short term on the naive; but that is to build on sand.

  4. Comment says

    Interesting re Latins and the box – others too. People tell the truth in different ways around the world – literal truth and empirical notions differ and culture has built up around that fact. You can see it a bit with politicians who are obviously lying but would probably pass the box.

  5. Comment says

    Great post leo – Great post.
    re: “Learning he betrayed the country for some contrived love for Fidel remains unconvincing at this remove although it was 1978 with ‘Hey, Hey, LBJ’ still echoing in the air and Khmer Rouge Chic affectation still rampant.”

    Yeah – there is something fishy sounding about the agreed upon narrative of betrayal that has been floated in the media.

    If we had to guess – Kendell was spotted by DGI as someone who had issues with US policy (but 77/78 was not a bad year for Fidel) – and he was compromised in some way and put on the hook like a smoked fish. Sturgeon, maybe.

    There are right wing anti Castro types that someone wind up as Castro spies too.

    Newt will soon call for hearings.

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