Natural Disaster Summer Of Fear Edition

Share what’s on your mind. D.C. is rattled at the moment. The recent earthquake itself relatively minor. As a social lubricant? Big stuff — better than the Redskins. Plus, the upcoming hurricanes make for easy TV.

A more pervasive fear adds to tension. Only in August 2011 did the Imperial City Nomenklatura learn they are economically mortal. Their comfort while the Nation collapsed at risk. They may even be forced to share the indignity of lay offs with their subjects fellow Americans. There’s almost something biblical about the approaching reckoning.

We’ll spend some time working out initial ideas for a “The Summer of Fear” theme song. Or the Star Trek movie (Stiftung Style) we’ve mentioned before. And watch the weekend’s rain, mindful of the real oncoming storm.

JWB Shares A Summer Of Fear Theme Song Loop

Our mutual friend JWB kindly shares his initial mix of a Summer of Fear theme song. As he explains in the comments, he created this loop with specific political commentary in mind. Check it out.

JWB’s Loop


Summer of Fear, Stiftung Leo Strauss, Guitar, Loop

Meanwhile, the Flash version of JWB’s loop. (If your browser is unhappy with HTML5 code). This will be a blank on your iGadget. Thanks, Steve Jobs.