Overheard: Undecided Voters From An Undisclosed Location In Nevada

Grey Alien Type A #1: She’s [Angle] got a point. He’s pathetic. Has to man up and grow a pair . . . You look kind of Asian to me, too.

Grey Alien Type A #2: Don’t harsh your unmotivation on me. Any Democratic Senate Majority Leader jabbers meaningless insider geek stuff. It’s smart Democratic GOTV strategy to praise Anton Scalia as a masterful mind and admire Gee Dub. Dude, you just don’t understand how Washington works.

Alien # 1: Oh, really, Know It All? Gotta give her props about market forces, too. We’ve been stuck down here since 1947. We give them an iPad 60 years ago. This raving lunatic in California NOW claims all the credit. What did we get? A Will Smith movie.

Imagine our own company. Without Death Panels, red tape, high marginal tax rates and regulations. We’d be getting some every night. We’d pull so much hotter than all those Web 2.0 dweebs combined. [starts humming ‘I Like It’ (mumbling) ‘Shout it out, scream it loud Let me hear you go’].

Alien # 2: [Heavy sigh] OK, Aqua Buddha, if you want to go there. Who’s the jackass acting all 5 feet tall, strutting around promising Truman we came in peace? Hmmm? Gave them the 411 on our Master Plan?

Don’t tell me Democrats never did anything for you. JFK got her to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you, too. Like you could ever touch that back on Zeta Reticula. And who tried to shoot you in the face? Cheney thought you were a quail? And hit that bozo by mistake? As if.

Here, just try another of the red ones [drops bottle]. Ooops. And maybe some nitrous with a tequila bomb. It’ll help. Joe Klein said he heard once Garcia was into it. Worked for me. You won’t feel a thing when you vote Democratic.

Alien # 1: [Wistfully] Yeah . . . that ‘Happy Birthday’ thing was the kick. Frank even signed the Meta-Fusion-Transmuter Panel . . . But Bobby would have disemboweled Reid just on principle, yanno?

Besides, the rent really is 2 damn high . . .


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