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    Incidentally — Palin has a real good shot at being President someday. If the election now is 50/50 , then it must be noted that McCain is elderly and has suffered from cancer.

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    We may be wrong, but we do fear Palin will be helpful to McCain – we always thought this election was 50-50 -with a slight edge to McCain due to the still fraught psychology in the electorate. Witness CNN’s recent need to tell a different story re Georgia to its domestic audience than to the vast world. So Obama has to be very carefull – Palin may be condescended to like Quayle, but Bush 41 won 40 states that year while all the Dowds and Frank Rich’s shook their heads in bemused contempt.

    Palin – a mooseburger eating Eskimo fisherman marrying pro lifer will rally the base and invite scorn from ‘grown-ups’s = But most people will will relate to her more than the privlidged lightweight Quayle/

    Obama will treat her like a gentleman because he has good manners. Biden has to be careful not to blow up during his debate with her. He should treat her with the utmost respect – as GOPers are dying to bait the Dems into various PC double standard traps/

  3. sglover says

    Best comparison I saw to this news was one that mentioned Bush’s nomination of Harriet Meirs for the Supreme Court. Then again, given GOP “talent”, I suppose McCain may as well go for the long bomb….

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    Keep in mind the current SNL writers actually think it is funny to make fun of redneck hsopital emergency rooms and poor white people from appalachia who lack insurance and verbal ability. Yet unlike some racialist paleocons or Buckley types or Brit toffs, these SNL types lack the compensating wit that can sometimes make malicious snobby humor a guilty pleasure. Rather, their lower middlebrow mentality jiust reveals a lack of self awareness and poor manners.

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    We honestly believe McCain would have been better off picking Boone Pickins or Lee Raymond and getting all their moolah – Esp if they claimed to be against abortion. Since Palin seems to be sincerely pro life, she may disrupt the carefully crafted fraudulence of the GOP abortion game

    re Lewis Black – sometimes his new show is funny – especially when Patton Oswalt is one of the guests.

    We met a bunch of SNL writers a while back – they were mostly ill informed – getting most of their news from the Post page 6 and readling headlines from Truthout etc. We just recall the ones we met had lots of gaps in their knowledge of current affairs – sort of like The current WH Press gal not knowing the Cuban Missle crisis. That type of thing.

  6. DrLeoStrauss says

    re Gergen — please, please let us not delve into thinly veiled Freudian eruptions from ostensibly neuter, ancient, withered men and their repressed psyches.

    There is so much else to work with here. One must agree that SNL will be as subtle as a high school talent show with all this. And one must agree that the mass media will embrace that mediocrity as some kind of ‘validation’ of their narrative.

    Jon Stewart and staff have the wit and eye for detail. A shame Lewis Black is not necessarily writing his own material anymore (we at least were told that) and burdened with his own show. His manic ‘Back in Black’ segments were usually a highlight of that show for us.

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    “SNL will have a field day.” – Hopefully – (IMO) SNL will leave this one alone – The current writers lack the sophistication to lampoon her properly in a way that is not gross and disrespectful/

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    Fournier – the agent in place. We were hoping for Romney because we saw significant polling that showed he would be a drag on McCain in at least three southern states that McCain needs. Also – bad mojo. Politically for McCain it may work – who really knows? As Gergen noted – she’s cute, she’s feisty. Bay Buchanan was pumped.

  9. DrLeoStrauss says

    Well, as Nixon said, the best insurance that he would never be assassinated is that Spiro Agnew was on the ticket. No one votes for a VP as Benson proved.

    Still the whole thing — as of today — is hypmotizing and bizarre.

  10. Aldershot says

    The voice. The voiiiiice! She speaks like an earnest, bubbly Valley girl coffe klatch mom. SNL will have a field day with this. I am incredibly bummed.

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