Pardon The Light Posting – Democrats Bring Sexy Back, Joementum 2010 Style . . .

Desperation does odd things to people. Usual Suspect blog and cable dopplegangers now clutch at new generic Gallup poll numbers with only a 3% gap between Republicans and Democrats. Just as we remember the bugged eyed, ambitious but very minor McCain bundlers feverishly asserting in mid October. Eerie.

To maintain this folie a deux that Steiner The Boy King Van Hollen will burst through and avert doom with a last minute relief offensive, Democrats must ignore inconvenient reality. You, Dear Reader, know well the difference between ‘likely’ voters and a generic choice. (No worries, we won’t foist upon the world yet another over-used ‘Downfall’ parody video. It was an amusing pop-culture riff maybe the first 5 times (especially the X-box Live cancellation) years ago. The 200th version? When old, clueless guys like Howard Fineman email their friends about ‘discovering’ a ‘new’ hilarious video, well, you know).

Wiser operational and pundit heads are focusing on banked votes in addition to ‘likely’ – i.e., some states permit early voting – anyway. Republican operatives we spoke with after 2008 saw the huge flaw in Roves’ vaunted GOTV focus on last minute surges. Too many votes and way too much intensity potentially left on the table should passions peak too soon. Their obsessive example? The practical operational implications if they could have ‘banked’ votes after Palin’s Convention speech.

As for November, the fate of this feeble crew no longer interests us. They were are useless in the majority. Irrelevant as a minority. Their irreversible decay and degeneration are so profound they mirror their Movement adversaries. Both are apart from a commitment to purposeful, pluralistic political participation. Only one of them doesn’t know it.


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    Watching Tweety he is talking about how Obama can sell his tax cut and then Tweety goes on to misdescribe the tax cut Obama is trying to sell. Tweety – it seems – does not really understand that a tax cut for the 1st 250k also applies to people making more than that.

    Years ago we recall a pol telling us that voters did not understand marginal rates – so they thought the top rate applied to all income rather than the income in its bracket – But Tweety is paid 5 million a year to understand – or actually he may be paid to not understand.

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