Pat’s Not Even Trying Anymore

He’s faxing it in. Pat’s just cut and pasting now. Far too lazy and calculated a move to trigger hits and minor blog hysteria. Once more, with feeling, Pat?

Funny how Pat’s decades-long Corporal rehabilitation project (and anti-Semitism) coincides now with tea baggers denouncing Obama as his very reincarnation. ‘Doublethink’ for sure. And yes, of course, to all the projection psychiatry. Custom fodder for Beck and his hilarious Howard Beale-esque conspiracy diagrams. Or maybe more appropriately, Beck receiving the Corporate Cosmology from Mr. Jensen.


MSNBC wakes up and pulls Pat’s Corporal column. Finally. Pat upon getting the news (via telegram) doubtlessly gets lost in reminiscences with his alter kampfer Tweety and Barnicle.