Pat’s Not Even Trying Anymore

He’s faxing it in. Pat’s just cut and pasting now. Far too lazy and calculated a move to trigger hits and minor blog hysteria. Once more, with feeling, Pat?

Funny how Pat’s decades-long Corporal rehabilitation project (and anti-Semitism) coincides now with tea baggers denouncing Obama as his very reincarnation. ‘Doublethink’ for sure. And yes, of course, to all the projection psychiatry. Custom fodder for Beck and his hilarious Howard Beale-esque conspiracy diagrams. Or maybe more appropriately, Beck receiving the Corporate Cosmology from Mr. Jensen.


MSNBC wakes up and pulls Pat’s Corporal column. Finally. Pat upon getting the news (via telegram) doubtlessly gets lost in reminiscences with his alter kampfer Tweety and Barnicle.


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Tweety has Gaffney on today, proof that he and his kind deserve to be crushed by the future they enable.

  2. A Random Quote says

    Mark McKinnon is a totally vacuous politico – so it makes sense to see him slide between Bush and Brown’s website – tossing off some de riguer dislike of birthers, praising Scarborough etc – Banal

  3. Comment says

    We meant more civilized sounding – But Pat’s whole theory is uncivlized because the implications of what he says are so obvious.

  4. Comment says

    We see Pat posted a more civilized version of his alternative history – his debate speech against A. beevor and Andrew Roberst – He makes the requisite nod to Churchill in a quantitave sense (if not quality-wise), but he has done that with the Corporal in other venues.

    He makes some clever points — mostlt beside the point – He gives his game away when he says Churchill appeased Stalin – since Pat does not really think appeasement, per se, is always bad. Pat is trying to hint
    at the theoretical – pretending to forget our devil’s bargain with Stalin was necessary to win because he probab thinks FDR just loved Uncle Joe.

  5. says

    Hitchens the Younger heard the getcha hitler awn as well; he apparently thinks “hard realists” – note the memetic resonance with Barone and friends – would have saved the Empire by making terms with him in 1939, and he wouldn’t have reneged as soon as his shipbuilding programme was complete, no sir.

    And, it seems, he wants to save the Empire for a future war with America. (London needs some more urban motorways.)

  6. Comment says

    Wow – that really was a pro Hitler-ish column – Pat even throws Pinochet under the bus. What’s next? Is he gonna start saying Argentine special forces in the dirty war were worse too? Pat’s insincer invocations of people he dislikes like Wilson and Churchill are his Germanic wink – his dogwhistle saying “B’hoys, ya with me?”

  7. Comment says

    We have not read that column – but saw the noxious title – Hitler obviously wanted war sometime and some point against someone as anyone in Germany from 1923 on would and could tell.
    Hitler’s anti-semitism was eliminationist from the beginning and that alone would have necessitated a war – no matter what kind of what if scenariou Pat draws up.
    It took the entire western world and Russia to defeat Hitler. Jeez.

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