1. A Random Quote says

    “I think that when people see strong, successful women, they love to imagine that there is a rivalry,” says Burnett. “Maybe it’s because there are not as many women. And maybe, I don’t know,” she says, rolling her eyes, “it’s a male-fantasy thing.”
    ~Erin Burnett
    CNBC lass
    Vanity Fair Nov ’08

  2. Hunter says

    “Hilarious to hear today the outrage from the Righists that McCain destroyed Palin by refusing to allow Palin to be Palin. Now THAT should grist for a good SNL skit, not the latest junk.”

    This is what I was talking about re: Campbell Brown in a previous thread. Her bit about “stop being anti-feminist and let Palin speak” plants the seed that sprouts (mutatis mutandis) as “let Palin be Palin.” Of course, proving causality is impossible in these situations, but the same tactics have been used (effectively) by the rightists for so long, I’m glad to see someone not in their camp trying.

    Now if only Fey & co. could figure this out.

  3. Comment says

    Some hedge fund types we know are really pumped by the bailout failure. There’s cash out there waiting for stocks to crash down a bit to levels that reflect their true value or near it.
    We are surprised by Pelosi – she could easily round up Dem votes to pass it. She’s either more clever than we thought – or maybe she’s letting Rahm plan the strategy

  4. DrLeoStrauss says

    There are many possible interpretations for the spin coming out of alleged Boy King boosters. One that occurs immediately is that internal private polls on both sides in key electoral states are more grim for McCain than the show boat polling indicates.

    A tight narrative helps Obama. It keeps his ground game intensity up. It also motivates turn out, especially among Millennials and other demographics.

    Second, a tight narrative now also lays the stage for a massive last minute reporting on objective ground truth. That new narrative will be a ‘startling’ change from tight to Big Mo.

    And third, there is the looming car wreck of the debate coming up this week. And Biden might be another wreck, too.

    The strategic question for the “in the tankers” is *when* they unleash the chorus of Big Mo, Mandate from Heaven and so on.

    Hilarious to hear today the outrage from the Rightists that McCain destroyed Palin by refusing to allow Palin to be Palin. Now THAT should grist for a good SNL skit, not the latest junk.

  5. Comment says

    There is a cultural shift that’s hard to understand right now with the liberal leaning mainstream media.

    Consider the wide disparity between the polls – showing a solid 12-14 point Obama debate victory vs. many in the liberal media who said it was a tie, or came up with bizarre point scoring systems to portray a McCain win.

    Part of the deal is Schmidt and Davis are partly successfull intimidating the media – plus residual McCain love from the old days.

    Did anyone read the Times McCain gambling story? The long ponderous story managed to bury the two possible scandals – That McCain may have an addiction or a compulsion / McCain’s investigation of Abramoff was partly cover for his aides and lobby friends to usurp Abramoff cliens – In effect, using his Senate position to help friends obtain private advantage.

    But the Times buried all that in an avalanch of poorly written verbiage.

    The Times is dying.

  6. Comment says

    Biden is just painfull to watch – today, he can’t just say he honors McCain’s service in a serious way – He begins with this waay over the top McCain is superhero who risked his life , but … (add cognitive dissonant reasons(

    Now Comment knows several people fwho are/were in active duty in Iraq and elsewhere and this idea that McCain is somehow more special, noble, brave than normal can grate after a while.

    McCain never praises Biden and Palin mocks him.

    So when Biden speaks – the only memorable part is the 2 minute opening rambling praise of McCain, followed by a weird mish mash of forgetable crap.

  7. Hunter says

    Aldershot: of course Brown protests too much re Palin, but she does so in that cutesy bs way that the right has used for the last several years to show their opponents to be false without showing themselves to be mean. The whole Palin debacle is just that, but if you say so like Olbermann does, you’re just a jerk. If you don’t say so, you’re letting them get away with murder. Brown seems to be able to walk that line (that’s my read anyway).

  8. Comment says

    SNL should drop Armison (sp?) as Obama immitator.

    Instead they should just get another black guy who looks absolutely nothing like Obama – to play Obama. That could be funny. Someone who resembled Mike Tyson – but then work on the voice. So the voice would be good, but looks would be waay off.

  9. Comment says

    Reading the debate reviews it’s funny reading liberal publications lie and pretend they thought the debate was tie.
    None of them think it was a tie – They all thought Obama won. But they are afraid and they think they will get credit for being evenhanded.
    The goobers at the LA Times framed the debate according to Cliffs Notes narratives : McCain = Tough. Obama =Smart/nice
    With voters toughness wins – as long as the guy is not an idiot.

    No doubt the liberals at the LA Times equate McCain’s oafish countenance and his peevish attitude with toughness.
    McCain may be tougher , but he was Captain Blinky at the debate and was not tough that night.

    When Bentsen slaughtered Quayle – he looked him in the eye and that was part of what contributed to Quayle melting on stage.

    McCain’s refusal to look at Obama – was not tough. It was peevish and childish and disrespectful.

    But since narrative is all – all this stuff gets re-intepreted.

  10. DrLeoStrauss says

    Perfect barometer of our times. The talentless leading the blind to decide on clueless. SNL writers should agree to meet with the funny without preconditions.

  11. Comment says

    SNL Palin skit – Tina Fey was good again – (Bplus)
    Debate skit – it had some moments – but it was weak
    writing – (C) –

  12. Nonnie Mouse says

    The cat, having sat upon a hot stove lid, will not sit upon a hot stove lid again. But he won’t sit upon a cold stove lid, either.
    -Mark Twain

  13. Aldershot says

    IIRC Kissinger said on the CNN-former-SecState-panel, that meeting with Iran without preconditions could occur on the SecState level.

    What do we all think of Holbrooke?

  14. Aldershot says

    Yeah, the horseshit comment shows lack of control for sure.

    Doc, most sites I link to from RCP ‘debate analysis’ seem to grant that McCain won, I think. But if he won the debate, only to lose indies who think he’s too harsh or cranky or arrogant, it will be to no avail.

  15. Comment says

    Amazing – it is a fact that McCain muttered the word “horseshit” under his breath when he was
    having a cognitive dissonace breakdown
    during Obama’s “Spain … a Nato ally” reference.

    It’s already being highlighted on many Youtube clips/.

    Will Tweety play it?

    IMO – McCain’s advisors must of cried when Obama framed Zapatero the way he did – in a lighthearted way that really reallu pissed off McCain and the audience would have no idea. that Zapatero is a neocon/theocon villian or that McCain originally was confused when journalists asked him about that (in his mind – zapata, zapatista, ohh that lefty spaniard who stabed us in the back)

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