At what point does falling for the flare off the back of an F-16 constitute not mere idiocy but indicia of a separate and lower phylum? Not a rhetorical question. Look at all the hysteria and superficial reaction to the Administration’s Potemkin offering on Monday (timed before the Sunday talk shows, of course) allegedly to safeguard our “institutional financial integrity.” The NYT surprisingly notes what a sham it is with clarity.

It’s all been done before. Just think of the joke of the Homeland Security debacle. Hastily thrown together to salve public image problems, a bureaucratic disaster that hobbles us to this day, a boon for supposedly supervised industries. We here will naturally understand that no one will really read the entire text and realize the actually intended implications of innocuous or seemingly benign subsections that can literally move billions.

The 2006 Democratic Congress is even a more feeble crew than Kerensky’s regime. First, they will be overawed by the financial incentives and horizons painted for them — staff and members alike. Why do we say that? We’ve sat in the meetings before with all the famous houses, banks and brokerages. How they rolled Committee staff, personal staff and with their Member allies. The generally termed “Wall Street” crowd knows how to “ram and cram”efforts — to slam legislation on something called suspension in the House and rack up 400 plus votes, etc. Although it is said to be for non controversial legislation and usually is, we’ve seen and help write what was packaged as non-controversial go through. (And stopped other efforts by MAKING them appear controversial).

Would Pelosi be dim enough to fall for this? We think it is even odds. Optics aside, as Steny Hoyer proved in his nose dive for the credit cards, Dems can be bought and here is a crowd willing to pay above list price. Populism? The veterna Bulls lost their Olde Fire; the midlings still brace for sealegs; the younglings never had cajones. Would the latter have the historical memory to even know what “Hang em up!” even means? All might in a pallid way seek to tweak the audacity of it all. We bet that at the end of the day, the shuffle distractions will mask the Wall Street give away in weaker supervision, greater access to liquidity, and the comfort of federal rescue. All in the name of cracking down.

Harry Reid?

Why have the American people tolerated a rogue government determined to destroy the Enlightenment, impose Christian Socialist Authoritarianism, the permanent destruction of American moral power and suasion across the globe (this is more than just changing presidents, see item below), the wholesale evisceration of Army Chief of Staff Shy Meyers recreation of the Army after Vietnam to prevent an Imperial War, the reckless disregard for the sinews of our power (imperial or otherwise), our financial/fiscal well being? Why did the Democrats in 2006 prove to be so feckless? Why is one candidate for president an empty suit who successfully strokes all people all of time? Why is another candidate’s team marked by more infighting than Bush 92 and making tactical mistakes that the combined skill there ordinarily should avoid?

The chickens are coming home to roost. Apparently if served with a side of slaw Americans will simply chew it down. We talked today with just one of the professional hordes coming over from the Continent and simply treating the Imperial City as a third world post colonial shopping distraction. Trinkets. You all probably had the same encounter dozens of times. We didn’t bother asking how the coincidence of this prostrate situation before the Old World resonated with HBO’s overly lauded John Adams series. Even stand up comedians know to avoid the cheap laugh.

It does make one wonder. What exactly will it take to Americans emulate Howard Beale and yell out the window? How tragic if never.