1. DrLeoStrauss says

    Cafe Terminus update, CPAC is about to step off the tram. . . CPAC’s problem is more fundamental than gays or Muslim terrorists. The American Conservative Union and its affiliated foundation are broke. And like almost all Movement conservatives who talk about free enterprise and small companies, in general they don’t know anything about running an actual business. Instead they are addicted to being courtiers to plutocrats, sucking up for patronage. THAT’S their trickle down economy. And their accustomed patrons are literally, not figuratively, saying ‘Fuck you.’

    We declined a free pass to CPAC this year for a variety of reasons. Next year will be a new more values voters CPAC Board. Good riddance to the whole lot.

  2. Comment says

    Tweety has long talked about Mubarak as America’s great friend and a great guy – So he should be interesting tonight trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing.

  3. Comment says

    Ok – we watched the clip – Uncle Pat thinking to himself: “Sometime anti-enlightenment, pre ancien regime, pre vatican 2, pre vatican 1, pre Kant + Locke conservatism asks too much.”

  4. Comment says

    We have not yet watched the clip – but we always assumed she would lack the mental discipline to follow Uncle Pat’s sister Bay’s simple tutorials (which would have helped). Poor Palin.

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