Four Corners

California Debate

Dean Smith at North Carolina used to run a strategy known as “four corners” to burn up the clock and preserve a lead. The essence was to deny an opponent an opportunity by taking a shot or risk a rebound. The opposing side eventually would have to create a foul in order to force a free throw and hope to get the ball.

Tonight both camps were playing four corners. This actually makes sense. The crown prince’s 11 point rise in the polls and $32 million fundraising would caution against a blunder in a state he has already written off — except to attrit some of HRC’s support among various demographics. This he largely accomplished.

HRC, reeling from Bubba’s missteps and a forced Potemkin staged event in Florida, could ill afford to confirm the Clintons as holdovers from the Republican and Movement’s creation of the politics of personal destruction. This, too, she largely accomplished. No gutter theatrical.

Largely uninformative. And to paraphrase Napoleon, it was worse than uninformative. It was boring.