The Dada President?

“C‘est le hystérie qui fait l’homme.” Perhaps.

All the swooning over the Crown Prince reveals to us a subliminal (and certainly not self aware) Dada-ism in the smug clique over at Huffington Post, etc. The words typed there and elsewhere made into analysis simply by assertion. It’s commentary and analysis because we say so. Such fevered adoration certainly demostrates embrace of irrationality. Moreover, finding suitability for global leadership in a laundry list of state bills can not be anything but diving for obscure meaning. Do we not have Dada in its most contemporary possibility?

Not to put to fine a point on it, but parallels between then and now are significant. if Dada could said to have its origins after the disaster of WWI, then our current political zeitgeist is mostly a rejection of the disasters of 2001-07. Leaders today are not artists and they do not completely embrace the provocative zany behavior of Dada. But why should they? It already is produced by our surrounding Kultur. They just need to flash a Jay Z. And even then like now, they are all actually closet aesthetes.

Back then, Dada stood for freedom: from war, from a lying press and government, etc. Today is simply one word, change.

Yes, we can. Indeed.