The Silent Clapping

One thing that explains the determination of the Movement to stop McCain (they pretend to support Romney but in reality despise him as well) is that a Rodham Regime is useful far beyond political punching on Capitol Hill. That’s a given.

The entire infrastructure of radical 501(c)(3)s and (c)(6)s that spread like athlete’s foot is currently feeling the blues. Sure they can fund raise off a Democrat Congress. But let’s face it — Harry Reid makes a faint punching bag. How to make repeal of Sarbanes Oxley sexy has so far frustrated almost all the usual Rightist hacks. But tie it to Rodham? Slam dunk. At the moment, the wallets for the infrastructure — while not closed — are not as open. And direct mail, which rarely yields more than 2.5% return, now hovers around 1%. We’ve spoken to the heads of 501(c)(3)s — allegedly non-partisan “research” organizations — that are desperate for HRC.

McCain or Romney (for obvious reasons) or perhaps Obama — that remains to be seen — would be far harder to fund raise against. Buchanan’s oblique and sometimes not oblique defenses of HRC are of a piece. Sure, judicial nominees and a few other presidential perks would concern social Movement types. But overall, for the permanent Movement class, those that see people like DeLay come and go, they know they actually prosper when the other party is in power. It is an empirical truism. People assume that the revolving door of lobbyists under the Warlord is emblematic of the entire Movement. Not so. Of course, the lobbyists always trope towards the party in power. For the most part they served and will continue to serve corporate or corporate-related agendas under any administration.

Rush and a few others may be savaging McCain. He and others argue (counter-intuitively to much of his audience but not Stiftung readers) that they should support HRC. It’s a distraction. The real game is to see the silent hands clapping. The Movement’s Permanent Class will be the ultimate beneficiaries if they can but survive McCain or the fading Romney.