The Silent Clapping

One thing that explains the determination of the Movement to stop McCain (they pretend to support Romney but in reality despise him as well) is that a Rodham Regime is useful far beyond political punching on Capitol Hill. That’s a given.

The entire infrastructure of radical 501(c)(3)s and (c)(6)s that spread like athlete’s foot is currently feeling the blues. Sure they can fund raise off a Democrat Congress. But let’s face it — Harry Reid makes a faint punching bag. How to make repeal of Sarbanes Oxley sexy has so far frustrated almost all the usual Rightist hacks. But tie it to Rodham? Slam dunk. At the moment, the wallets for the infrastructure — while not closed — are not as open. And direct mail, which rarely yields more than 2.5% return, now hovers around 1%. We’ve spoken to the heads of 501(c)(3)s — allegedly non-partisan “research” organizations — that are desperate for HRC.

McCain or Romney (for obvious reasons) or perhaps Obama — that remains to be seen — would be far harder to fund raise against. Buchanan’s oblique and sometimes not oblique defenses of HRC are of a piece. Sure, judicial nominees and a few other presidential perks would concern social Movement types. But overall, for the permanent Movement class, those that see people like DeLay come and go, they know they actually prosper when the other party is in power. It is an empirical truism. People assume that the revolving door of lobbyists under the Warlord is emblematic of the entire Movement. Not so. Of course, the lobbyists always trope towards the party in power. For the most part they served and will continue to serve corporate or corporate-related agendas under any administration.

Rush and a few others may be savaging McCain. He and others argue (counter-intuitively to much of his audience but not Stiftung readers) that they should support HRC. It’s a distraction. The real game is to see the silent hands clapping. The Movement’s Permanent Class will be the ultimate beneficiaries if they can but survive McCain or the fading Romney.


  1. Anon says

    Great HRC quote : ” … I sort of cringe when I read that I actually said things like ‘coming to terms with our humanness’ and ‘inauthentic reality.’ ”

    It would have cool to go back in time and see HRC at a ‘be-in’ or maybe a Marcuse or Adorno lecture.

  2. Comment says

    What would be the ideal scenario for Rush & Co. Yes – it would be for HRC to win and inherit a bungles war and be accused of losing the lofty surge – Also, massive asset deflation and recession following a Bush stimulus bounce would be nice – You know, get the recession over with because you have to have a business cycle anyway.
    Even better would be if Barack won the delegate count and HRC used Super D’s to snag the nomination – leaving the Dems embittered and sad.
    It would be good if HRC prosecuted waterboarding practioners and invoked Geneva etc. That would get the vengence gods to stir.
    Obama would be tough for Rush – He would end up making racist remarks no matter how hard he tried not to. He would try to jump start some controvsey about that Reverand supporter of Barack’s, but Obama just brushes that stuff aside and people point out that Obama doesn’t believe that stuff so what’s the point? Obama’s difficulties will most likely come in the middle east. It’s easy to imagine trouble in Lebanon suck him in a create problems. HRC is far better positioned to profit from disasters abroad – save Iraq/

  3. Comment says

    Bat Buchanan is on the tube enthusing about Mitt’s speech – Actually the speech sounded like Bay Buchanan’s mind a bit. Though Pat probably would have objected to continued allusion of the Israeli labor party.

  4. Comment says

    Incidentally = heard a few clips of Rush actually using the phrase “stabbed us in the back” with regard to McCain. Rush is probably aware of the loaded nature of that phrase so it was interesting to hear him use it. All those folks on the far right have been trading McCain stories since 2000 – claiming he was not in solitary etc, think he is.

    Btw – Romney had to step aside because he loves America.

  5. Comment says

    McCain’s CPAC speech – the real anger against him was when he defended his approach to immigration – He probably had to restrain himself from reminding the audience that Reagan supported actual amnesty, not just so-called amnesty/

  6. Comment says

    Judging by press leaks Mitt thinks McCain will lose and so he is pretending to support McCain. We think McCain has an even chance againt Barack or HRC – depending on the news etc. Mitt plans to run again, but he will lose again if he continues to be phony.

  7. Comment says

    With a fee unsubtle variations Mitt Romney has been invoking Shimon Peres in defense of America (who is against America these days?). Over and over again he falsely complains to be surprised to find out that Peres supports our war in Iraq. This kind of dishonesty grates and it is the reason why he dropped out – But he still cannot grasp that fact. When RWR was wrong, it was from being wrong – not being “wrong.”

  8. Comment says

    Beginning with his weird non sequitors, Mitt’s suspension speech is pretty lame – Lots of insincere red meat and demagogic applause lines – “simple put” followed by clunky phrases etc. He makes Kerry seem effortlessly witty by comparison. His speech sounds like the kind of claptrap a Hollywood liberal screenplay gives a right wing politician so NRO can complain about it.

  9. Anon says

    Matthews has serious issues when it comes to this stuff – as does Modo. He really sees things where they don’t exist and he can’t help it. It’s sort of funny because it’s tied into his whole worldview and he cannot seperate one way of seeing and speaking with others. That’s why he is having such a difficult time now and he has been passing up many opportunities to point things out.

  10. Comment says

    We saw Matthews tonight (btw – Dowd is really in mental decline. She does not understand Obama and we heard that Obama’s wife never even heard of her until recently) – and Tweety was raising “anthropology” but he was still nervous and afraid to make a mistake – Media Matters now has a Matthews Monitor etc. Funny stuff.

  11. Comment says

    Hasn’t HRC become middlebrow a bit? She’s not what she once was – They will try, but it will be tough.

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