Freeze Frame

The Warlord offers many lessons. The most salient is how vulnerable we as a Nation are to radicalization via minority government. On the face of it, it would seem our Nativist and Schmittean friend Pat is correct. The Warlord’s minimalist withdrawal — they at least recognized April — could well game the budgets due in October and November 2007. He could wage war until Jan. 2009 and lock the U.S. in afterwards.  

Wait !  No Frickin Way !  Not This Time !  DENNIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We remain unconvinced, at least for now, that this is inevitable. True, the Dems are hopeless at Agitprop. Outside the netroots it is an utter disaster.

But things have changed. Now it is finally revealed that Admiral Fallon, CENTCOM’s commander (and Petreaus’ superior) does not agree with White House Petraeus testimony. He is planning his own report. Other Joint and Service flag rank officer share Fallon’s view, too. The hardliners have never liked Fallon much as he is perceived as a ‘squish’ on litmus test issues like ChiCom military ambition (Fallon was Combatant Commander for the Pacific (see PDF attachment) (in Rummy-speak)), but this time his voice is backed by many.

We still remain unconvinced the Warlord will be able to maintain the 130,000 throughout 2008 when the Army literally begins to dissolve. Bush’s threat of calling up even more National Guard in an election year hemlock to the Republican Party. What also remains striking is how much this is simply the Neocon plan of 2002 — and even Derbyshire over at NRO has given up on that. Since abortions are not directly involved, not sure if KLO is still chugging the Kool Aid.

The Warlord’s gambit may be the so-called security agreement with Baghdad he raised tonite. First of all, a diabetic manic personality like Tweety shouldn’t be calling this a “Pact of Steel” unless he fully intends to say this is agreement between Fascist governments. You can give him books but no guarantee he understands what he reads. Second, it is only natural the regime would try and recoup something from the “investment”. Third, there are considerable legal precedents about the extent to which the Executive can bind the United States unilaterally to international agreements (hence the Senate ratification provision in the Constitution).

It may well be this last is his chip on the table to give the Democrats something to take off/cut back in return for looking the other way on the troop levels. The Administration has never operated in this relatively normal form of negotiation and posturing, but then Ed Gillespie is there now, not the earlier crew. This would be just like Ed to do.

The pundit class we predict will solidify around Buchanan’s tortured reasoning (he hates the war, but he hates Democrats more and loves Authoritarian Executive Branches the most). Sglover, we may well have to send you that mug. But not yet.

AEI Kommandos apparently deployed Semtex at STSOZ 1.0 earlier this morning.  Seabees repaired and recovered everything. The sabotage mission failed. We plan on covering the Warlord’s address tonight, answering Comment and Cato and other fun stuff.  Armchair, hilarious as usual — you have the gift of ‘listening’ as well as hearing.  See folks later tonight . . .  

[UPDATE] The AEI Kommandos have been caught and sent to the Pierson College (Yale) Howard Dean Center For Interrogation by the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.   We expect them to break within hours.  STSOZ 1.0 is back up.

[UPDATE 2.0]Elite Lieberman Youth from Morse College (Yale) exfiltrated the AEI captives from the Deaniacs apparently in the trunk of Washington Post delivery vans. Sigh.

[UPDATE 3] A long day so will get to the interesting comments from this week tomorrow . . .