Plus Ca Change . . . Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You The Senator From Visa And Mastercard !!

We agree with Kos’ asessment — Biden plugs a gap but brings only some real marginal value to the ticket. It also clouds the Prince’s ‘change’ meme not a little.

How Biden the man is positioned will be interesting. The campaign is already hyping him as someone the Prince can have ‘real debates with’ — as opposed to, say, with his cabinet members or senior staff? Is the campaign really signalling the country another potentially co-governing VP? A kindly Cardinal? Or another ‘don’t worry about the kid, look at all the grownups around him (Cheney, Powell, etc.)’?

Which heightens a need to forget Biden the man for a moment and examine the institutional precedent he inherits. Personalities can mean far more than org charts in politics. But the EOVP is now a formidable edifice. How will the Prince govern? How will he make a *clean break* with what EOVP was and became? And then consider how Biden the man resides . . .

The progressive blogosphere’s obsession with Biden’s score on the Tweety Working Stiff Meter is funny — ‘Hey, he’s a working class stiff like me in Philadelphia’. In the end a mere triviality.

How amusing that the voluble Biden will be himself swamped in a torrential downpour of bloviation. Oh Universe, we thank you for your gifts of sly humor.