Poll: Democrats Want Compromise, The Movement Republicans Prefer To Gut Them Like Sheep Resolve (General Budget Blah Blah Thread)

According to the poll, 68 percent of self-identified Democrats, as well as 76 percent of political independents, say they want Democratic leaders in the House and Senate to make compromises to gain consensus in the current spending debate. By comparison, 56 percent of self-identified Republicans — and 68 percent of Tea Party supporters — want GOP leaders to stick to their position, even if it means the inability to achieve consensus.

After 7 years, Markos, Josh et. al., take pride that you’ve worked that number down to the high sixties.


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @Comment Mika in retrospect must be relieved with her Den Mother niche. She hopped on the vacuity Acela just in time.

    Dad knows It’s All Unravelling and he’ll be spared seeing the worst of it. But at least his children and grandchildren still will be acknowledged by the Manor Born ruthless and nouveau riche.

    ‘Look, Mika! Cupcakes, from the Lady hersself ! Cor blimey. Well Bless ‘er warmakin’ hart, I say. Did ya see the bleedin’ box? Right and proper, that’s her Ladyship. I was jus’ tellin’ Mika’s friends down at the content farm what . . .’

    ‘Oh, stop. And please — Joe’s sweats go over there. [Flips hair]. The least you could do is try and remember. And don’t forget. Barnicle’s color blind. So don’t waste time matching the socks . . .

    Now. [Hands on hips]. Where is my latte? These do look yummy.’

  2. Comment says

    Julian Assange in debate with Bob Ayers on cspan – pretty good stuff. Not to sound Kellerish – but Assange has this odd affect that seems to have really thrown off Ayers

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    re Henry the K & SP, reminds one of Brezh’s photo checking out Jill St. John at Camp David.

    re Evan Thomas — Man’s got a family to feed and schtick to maintain? A personal trainer and a ‘youthful, edgy’ hipster hair cut too late now. As is, sending out emails and txts with ‘lolz +1 ru in2 #winning?’ just would be creepy – especially with the languid vibe.

    To paraphrase a famous baseball player for him, ‘The national security state been bery, bery good to me’. A life coach *might* suggest, however, a new course: follow Newt, Turtledove, et al..

    “Fighting Bull Halsey and the Grey Alien Armada”. Something like that. Comic book spin offs, video game licensing, merch, the works.


    Hi to everyone who commented about the Boy King and our current cul de sac. Thinking about him and the Democrats — it’s just too soon, am verklempt.

  4. Comment says

    Just tuned into Evan Thomas telling Annapolis audience that Americans are notoriously war shy and he thinks that’s just great, if quaint. #delusions

  5. Inquire says

    Good news everyone!

    “A point that needs to be made: This fight over whether to shut down the government for a few days is chicken-scratch. It’s low-stakes poker compared to the fight over the debt ceiling, which must be resolved by May 8, in just over a month.”

    …and oil jumps 2.3% in a single day!

  6. Comment says

    Glad you picked up on that — but in fairness, Obama tries to avoid the abortion issue at all times. It is an issue that GOP people (along with feminsts) pretend to care about. It’s a terrible issue to talk about, unless you have a conviction one way or the other – which none do.

  7. sglover says

    @ Comment:

    “It’s funny how feminists and liberals never catch on, but Planned Parenthood funding controversies just disappear when a supposedly pro life Pres is in power with a Republican Congress and/or Senate.”

    Goddam right. If abortion really is “the moral issue of our time”, what was keeping the Republicans from actually doing something about it sometime in 2001-2008? Now, sure, we know exactly why — but are the Dems actually so stupid that it never occurs to them to call the GOP out on this? That’s a soiling-yourself-daily level of stupidity, there…..

    It’ll be mordantly interesting, finding out exactly how much Barry and his band of heroes surrendered to cut this “deal”. It wouldn’t be a Dem “deal” if it didn’t lay the foundation for another completely obvious Movement attack. Their end-of-the-year sellout over extending the Bush tax cuts set the Republicans up beautifully for bogus deficit fear-mongering.

  8. Comment says

    Aside from meth labs in rust belt – economic growth has come primarily from iphone jailbreaks, ps3 & kinect hacks. So maybe Sony will re think some aspects of this.

  9. Comment says

    It’s funny how feminists and liberals never catch on, but Planned Parenthood funding controversies just disappear when a supposedly pro life Pres is in power with a Republican Congress and/or Senate.

    By just threatening to cut tiny amounts from liberal favored programs like PP or NPR, the GOP is able to get Dems to throw all the poor people under the bus.

  10. DrLeoStrauss says

    Sony’s sowed so much bad karma over the years even before secretly root kitting PCs in 2005.

    As for politics, my friend, this is about as good as it’s going to get for some time. Boy King Mk II is lame ducked from the get go. A problem will be to find anything remaining left to undercut, walk away from or sell out.

    Perhaps he can do something on school uniforms . . .

  11. Comment says

    Reading the Ars Tech piece – Anon seems to be doin some harsh stuff. This is not your grandmother’s Anon.

    I cannot bear to watch/listen to politics these days – So Mets losing and Sony fumbling are my entertainment.

  12. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Have been following Sony. Ever since Stringer killed off our Aibo have been looking forward to this.

  13. Comment says

    Gaffney benefits from the Tweety ecosystem in DC. He works that borderline that exists between official Serious and nonserious/truther/birther/etc – You know, like Alex Jones or similar types who are able to niche themselves precisely because the msm is filled with Tweety and other types who never prepare and have no idea what’s goin on. Think of Trump just walking over Meredith Viera the other night – She was unable to point out many long known errors that Trump was repeating.

    Anyway Gaffney and other movement types thrive because that center is so Tweetyishly hollow.

    Btw = Geohot is on the run. Anon has gone after Sony. Good movie.

  14. DrLeoStrauss says

    One would think he knows the difference given how many times he’s had Frank Gaffney on.

  15. Comment says

    Revealing that Tweety doesn’t really know that Mephistopheles would not look like a crazed car bomber.

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