Prayers For The Fallen

We feel only grief for the fallen at the CIA Afghan base while noting tragically events confirmed our long standing concerns about the Agency’s [sic] operational skills. Our hearts go out to the individuals and their families. Institutionally, however, this catastrophe demands answers to hard questions. You know things are grim when Old Institutional Conventional Wisdom David Ignatius utters those banned words ‘poor tradecraft.’ Ignatius’ feeders are right.

Panetta’s cavalier claim that his deadly fiasco is a normal occurrence during war is patently offensive and a desecration of sacrifice of those gone.. Panetta obviously is an empty suit, merely shoveling sludge churned by incompetents scrambling to cover their ass. How obscene to see ‘Panetta’ brazenly compare the Agency’s [sic] deadly incompetence with the American military’s casualties suffered in the chaos of combat. It is a lie and deception worthy of Cheney.