1. Comment says

    Say this Moussavi – he may evolved a bit or ‘grown’ – but this is a man with a serious revolutionary history. If he did not cut a somewhat stylish oppositional pose, he would have no western following.

    But the whole western following smells of poseurism. What else is new – all those pundits now trashing Turkey were denouncing the EU a few years ago for (wisely, imo) holding of Turkish membership. Turkey, for all its progress, is still way behind Greece in basic econ stats. But then again – that was all cynics anyway – Circus Lupus was basically doing Turkey’s bidding re Cyprus. All that is now being forgotten.

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Yes, caught that item yesterday and immediately recalled your pictures of Moussavi playing jenga with the Sandanistas, etc. And in another blow to the ephemeral Tweeting Class, this choice paragraph from the slightly-more Twitteriffic itself Foreign Policy site on Twitter in Iran:

    ‘But it is time to get Twitter’s role in the events in Iran right. Simply put: There was no Twitter Revolution inside Iran. As Mehdi Yahyanejad, the manager of “Balatarin,” one of the Internet’s most popular Farsi-language websites, told the Washington Post last June, Twitter’s impact inside Iran is nil. “Here [in the United States], there is lots of buzz,” he said. “But once you look, you see most of it are Americans tweeting among themselves.” ‘

    LOLZZ as they might Tweet.

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    We did not watch that Lincoln race too closely – but the fact is Lincoln is a good looking woman with an intelligent face. She’s moderate and has some populist positions. Her opponent had a whiff of John Edwards about his mien. Just an impression. Plus Clinton was prob decisive.

  4. RedPhillip says


    I really *really* want to enjoy the joy with Tony Horton. Good Doctor, the best bots with the best Engrish seem to find you….

  5. Comment says

    RE: Lincoln – Leo, We think you mean Lincoln’s win – Tweety has lots of conflicting head/heart emotions/thoughts on all these races. He still dreams of being a 50s industrial Dem fighting both commies and fatcats and that era is over. Meanwhile on Nantucket…

  6. Dr Leo Strauss says

    It’s disappointing Reid will survive this Fall. Oh, sure, there’s the math, 60 votes, and all that. But that’s a head we would liked to have seen in the electoral block as it were.

    The California millionaires aren’t particularly interesting. Tweety seems to be happy calling Lincoln’s defeat a crushing defeat for progressives, unions and people like the Stiftung.

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    We think that Lincoln has a chance to win and that Halter did not – did not see O’Donnell’s spin, but we guess that’s what he meant.
    That birther gal who seems to be winning in Cal for SecState will be somewhat of an albatross for the GOP as time goes on.

  8. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Laurence O’Donnell really has Hollywood in him, explaining why Lincoln’s win is a victory for progressives.

  9. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @anxious – yup, agree Klein did his level best to earn his place at the DNC grownups table. NBC’s independent company, Peacock Productions (no joke) is really pimping their ‘independent’ production of the Tweety re-branding documentary on the tea party. Granted every network budgets certain non-programming ad space for network promotions, but it still has to be expensed or accounted for. And NBC is paying a small fortune to convince people Tweety’s ‘report’ positions him as a journalist. Porn prison or Tweety as journalist critical of Righists. Which is worse?

    Fox launches today their effort to compete with the kool tech kidz with their social media site.

    It’s amazing how many overweight almost 60-something white men around News Corp. think Obama won in 2008 because he had cool web stuff. Especially last year.

    Social gaming like ‘shoot the rag head candidate’ or ‘trade your chicken for this deal of the day’ any day now.

  10. anxiousmodernman says

    Ezra Klein playing his usual role as rearguard for the DNC-types. But he could be worse.

    Haven’t watched MSNBC in a while. I heard they had some new prison-porno shows on. Very enlightened!

  11. anxiousmodernman says

    Republicans win when progressives think Republicans winning helps progressives win.

    Has anyone asked Stephen Strasburg about his politics yet? He could swing something.

  12. Dr Leo Strauss says

    To break the ice, Tweety is Orwellian in his effusive new found nutrasweet ‘tingling in his leg’ about Hillary Clinton. According to Tweety, if not HRC, no woman ever would dare run for office tonight. (We wonder how much NBC’s independent company ‘Peacock Productions’ spent on making and rebranding Tweety in his saturation ad supported tea bag ‘special’).

    We suspect Fiorina and Whitman pull it off. Would be nice to be surprised. A Halter win in Ark. would be a shot int he arm. This Daily Kos seems about right re a Lincoln loss.

    We’re not sold on the the cable pundit spin from Dems and progressives that Republicans winning tonight will help the Democrats. And the ass kicking? ‘a w k w a r d’

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