Republican Debates: Beyond Fatigue, Contempt

Hard to imagine after tonight’s Republican debate yet another one follows on October 18th. The group dynamics revealed the candidates see Romney and Cain as front runners. Both emerged untouched. Overall, this cavalcade is a dispiriting manifestation of mediocrity made real.

Romney performed adequately, riding today’s earlier Christie endorsement. Cain enjoyed his attention, responding aggressively. Perry appeared slightly bored and disengaged. We saw no gaffes that would thin third tier candidates Bachmann serves no structural political purpose, nor does the languishing Huntsman. The latter, polling at less than 1%, must marvel he’s still invited to show up. Newt’s flattery campaign for everyone furthers his efforts to be an advisor for whoever wins. How he must rue that Cain built the campaign he envisioned for himself – one based on media coverage and hype, eschewing the traditional work and expense of building a ground game.

The debate’s theme? The economy. The words ‘middle class’ cut and pasted into traditional Rightist talking points. The Occupy development got cursory attention. Apart from contemptuous dismissal by others, Newt wisely embraced ‘well behaved’ demonstrators to shield the Tea Party. The candidates talked at middle class or more often, down to it, but not one bothers to embrace it. Why should they? It’s all but destroyed.

How fitting that the Senate earlier today voted down Obama’s concoction of Republican tax cuts and other proposals sold to rubes as a “Jobs Act”.

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