It’s hard to deny the inchoate emotional momentum behind the Crown Prince. Dice are rolling. And all one way.

We’re not in the habit of quoting Robert Samuelson but he strikes a chord here, noting the “Obama Delusion.” From the remove of the Guardian, the claim is made that Obama won/HRC lost the election two weeks ago, the day after the California primary. Perhaps. There are hundreds of events that collide daily, most not even noticed by the “best team in in political reporting” or whatever. At least the Stiftung can say without hesitation we don’t do the Obama-dream-thing.

In the absence of anything breaking the Crown Prince and his throngs, it looks like he will indeed get his coronation. We hope we are wrong about his reign. A shame that The Sharper Image will not be around to join the festivities.


  1. Comment says

    Samuelson, it seems, has built a tremendous amount of media credibility from confusion over his name. Everyone seems to confuse him with the Samuelson who wrote their Econ text in college. But he’s just a journalist spouting conventional nostrums

  2. Comment says

    We just wished to note that we think that Samuelson makes some salient points – we think he’s argument contains some false premises on various issues. Samuelson is trying to define some bogus ‘grown-up’ parameters, but even if he were right on all those issues there is no way anyone could win election running on his litany.

  3. Comment says

    Comment is fired up and ready to go, but we too recognize the potential downside – We just think the potential downside to Obama is better than the known downside of McCain.
    We were surprised to read on Politico that Sid Blumenthal was emailing articles from Amconmag about Barack to reporters. He should have used a cut out. The story, if true, is too hilarious – but bad for Hillary.

  4. Lagavulin says

    Obama derives his power from the people. Hillary derives her from her network of entrenched interests. His administration will be successful (in the constitutional liberal democratic sense) if he self-limits and restructures the various bureaucratic and societal institutions towards the people. It will fail if he succumbs to temptation/human nature and attempts to reflect this power back onto himself. In other words, there is a fine line between an enlightened populist and a personality cult. The former has a real chance to ‘change’ this country for the better, while the latter is dangerous in that it will either mimic or empower the PNSS. This is why to many (like this reader), the spectre of Obama is both scary and exciting. I am feeling fired up though. Ready to go! 2 plus 2 is 5!

  5. Aldershot says

    And Obama is having further luck with this McCain thing breaking on the heels of Michelle’s gaffe.

  6. Comment says

    We have not read that Shelby Steele review yet, but we have read others. We do think that Obama is threat to establishment black voices on the right to left for reasons that are hard to quantify. This is a seperate issue than what merits to Steel’s argument. Glenn Loury is bit like Maureen Dowd – bewildered. Traditional narratives are being cast aside. No one seems to care anymore about when Loury shifted from center-right to center-left or what so and so said about so and so in this or that faculty lounge.
    They all have that scared Morton Kondracke look.
    Poor MoDo was patronized by Poppy who thought she was bats but useful in a limited way – Then comes Clinton and she’s in the middle of her own generational thing and enjoying the whirpool backlash. Then Dubya comes in and she gets to pivot off his adopoted ruralism and make fun of Gore and use Shakespear. Suddenly Obama comes in and she learns that Obama’s staff does not think it is funny for her to misquote him or insult his wife’s feminine nature etc. The pundit class is not used to the shake up.

  7. Comment says

    That Guardian piece is a good summary – We agree with some of Samuelson’s points or maybe we think he may be on to something. But maybe not. Samuelson’s problem is similar to many media commentators who think they have “grown up” views re foreign policy and so vastly underestimate the importance of Obamas being the purest (yes Ron Paul is more against) mainstream repudiation of Warlords foreign policy. This is not “vapid” – We notice that Mark Steyn called Obama vapid and pretty much the only person before Steyn to use that misplaced word was Ambassador Joeseph C. Wilson IV. Not quite plagerism, but Steyn should make sure he’s not borrowing even one word from his old pal Joe.

  8. Comment says

    re Sharper Image – Wow – we don’t think we’ve been one of those in a while. We do recall hearing a former salesmen once telling us they used to get a kick out of seeing who could sell the dumbest most expensive products to people. But since they were fired we never read too much into it

    “Sharper Image said in court papers it was hurt by “negative publicity” as it fought lawsuits over its Ionic Breeze air purifiers.”

    Yes – those Ionic things always sounded too good to be true.

  9. Comment says

    We think Obama will have a rocky first two years – In some respects it will be like Clinton 92-94 except more serious. But McCain would probably have as bad or worse time too, but he would probably be cut more slack because his sainthood and his prison days.
    We recall now RWR having a tough couple of years too, then ending with a mixed second term. But who knows what will happen. What will be, will be.
    We think that the real possibility of Barack winning – instead of its theoretical aspect – will cause a massive MSM media backlash against themselves sometime during before the general – So McCain may still win. But McCain is blowing it with attacks against Obama – He is getting nowhere with his Tweety-esque attacks – He should be running as Ike with an edge. McCain has also been revealing too much by touting his William Manchester reading lately. There is a McCainish character in Manchester’s “Last Lion,” but it’s not Winston. We have to re-read to recall who we’re thinking of. Anyway, McCain’s has a good sense of humor (though his boorish ‘tude w/reporters is overdone), but he needs better writers. He will not be able to to convince voters of any meaningful difference between what Obama called for in Pakistan and what McCain is now defending (Bush via Agency shooting missles). This was a gift to Obama – making him sound hawkish and now Bush (McCain) ratify

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